10 Date Ideas Better Than A Candlelight Dinner

1. A looong ride on a Harley Davidson, away from the bustle of the city

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2. Laugh together, eat cotton candy until you puke, and try rides that will get the adrenaline pumping in you

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3. Add new colours to a regular candlelight dinner with a private cabana in a 5 star hotel

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4. And as you relish the romantic conversations and food, have a professional guitarist play your favourite tunes

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5. Stargaze with your special someone lying on a private yacht in Goa

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6. And get there in style on a private jet

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7. Say “I Love You” on the silver screen on your next movie date

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8. Order food home, kick your shoes off, sink into the couch and watch a movie at home on a life-size projector

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9. You don’t have to get out of home for a romantic date. Have this tent set up in your living room decorated with your pictures and a bottle of wine

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10. And to the romantic evening, add a naughty board game that you can both win at *wink wink*

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