12 #RelationshipGoals For Every Couple Expecting A Baby

1. Take this opportunity to sleep in on a lazy Sunday

Seriously, get those zzz’s now before you have an infant waking you up 6 times every night.


2. Watch 3 new releases in the theatre back to back. You aren’t going back to the movies for a long time

Psst make this extra special for the mommy or daddy to be and dedicate a message on the giant screen! Find out how here.


3. Have a boys’ night out and a girls’ night out separately with your own bunch of friends

Makes it sweeter when you finally get to snuggle up to each other later, doesn’t it?


4. Make your bedroom a romantic sanctuary that is a place where just the two of you can unwind


5. Take a class together – screw up, laugh, end up learning a little bit, and then laugh some more

This is your chance to bond so find private salsa classes, baking lessons, and more here.


6. Do something silly for your inner child! Build a blanket fort or have a pillow fight


7. You have the luxury to binge watch entire shows now. Make full use of it

Find out here how to get a projector, giant screen, and a pre-made movie pack with popcorn here.


8. Plan and then go on a babymoon. At least one romantic vacation has to be on your list

What’s a better time than now to renew your vows? Find out how to have a beach wedding in Goa here.


9. Throw a big party for all your friends and make sure to tease each other about how the girl with pigtails is now going to be a mom!

And get your friends customised cookies that you can find here for a little gift.


10. Spice up the romance. Play a naughty definitely not kid-friendly board game together

You can find one here.


11. Go on a real date together where both of you fancy it up and pretend you’ve just started seeing each other

For a date by the poolside or a dinner on a helipad, go here.


12. Finally, make sure to say “I love you” often and everyday to the person who’s going to co-parent with you for life!


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