12 Things Only Those Obsessed With Birthday Can Relate To

1. You’re already planning next year’s party when this one is halfway through.

birthday obsessed surprise

Note to self : Kajol isn’t invited next year!

2. Counting the days left for your birthday is your favorite pass-time.

After all everyone needs a reason to feel important, and your reason is the day you were born.

3. For you, a year starts with your birthday month this year, and ends one month before your birthday next year.

birthday obsessed surprise

4. And you give repeated reminders to your best friends on the days left for your birthday.

They’ve got to start planning your birthday surprise, right? For the little kid in you get a box full of goodies to remind you of your childhood here.

5. You’ve already shopped for your outfit to the party (and 6 backups) 3 months before it.

birthday obsessed surprise

6. When your friend says “It’s just another day of the year”, you be like

birthday obsessed surprise

No, you don’t cut a cake every day of the year. Take sweet revenge by mailing them a glitter bomb you can find here.

7. As soon as your birthday month begins, you receive messages from your best friends wishing you

birthday obsessed surprise

The month a great legend was born in always calls for celebrations.

8. Sleep is nowhere in sight on the eve of your birthday and the day after.

birthday obsessed surprise

Because you know your friends would knock the door to smash the entire cake on your face at 12.

9. You keep guessing what gifts and surprises you’d receive for your birthday.

birthday obsessed surprise

And find the most unique, sweet and quirky return gifts for your guests here.

10. Anytime somebody annoys you, you mentally cross them off your guest list.

Send customised party invites on an easel here.

11. On your birthday, you’re so active on FB that you reply to the hundreds of wishes you receive.

And for coolest selfies that you’d upload of your birthday party, we have quirky selfie frames here.

12. When it’s finally the big day, you’re on top of the world because it’s all yours baby!

birthday obsessed surprise

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