14 Kickass Ways To Celebrate Your Long Weekend

1. Pack your bags, hop on a bike and decide where to spend the weekend only after you’ve left the city behind.

harley davidson

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2. Or if it’s a while since you’ve caught up on some good deeds, sponsor and serve lunch to the underprivileged kids in an NGO.

lunch to NGO

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3. Rejuvenate and gear yourself up for the rest of the month with a chocolate spa with your better half.

chocolate spa with loved one

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4. Enjoy a romantic dinner with your special someone in a Cabana in a 5 star hotel.

romantic dinner in cabana

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5. And get a professional guitarist to sing your favorite tunes to them while you enjoy the dinner.

professional guitarist


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6. Don’t miss a chance to tell your loved one how special they are. Get a messenger to display placards with your messages on them while you have your dinner.

best surprise for loved one

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7. Go on a trek to a hill station with your friends and catch up on the gossips in each other’s lives.

hill station

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8. Or reserve an entire theater exclusively for your friends and family and watch the new releases.

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9. And if you want to relax at home and yet watch movies, get a life size projector to your living room.

life size projector

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10. Spend your Saturday evening with a fellow pizza addict over unlimited pizza and beer.

pizza addict

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11. Or if you love desserts, spend an evening munching on unlimited cupcakes with your friend.

unlimited cupcakes surprise

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12. Take horse-riding lessons from an equestrian professional.

horse riding

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13. Or if you’re up for more adventure, treat yourself to a day of adrenaline pumping sports.

adventure surprise

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14. Or spend an afternoon playing with little puppies at a kennel.

play with little puppies

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15. Roam around the unexplored streets of your city and hog on some street food.

street food


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