15 Stages Of Single This Valentine’s Day As Told By Puppies

1. When you’re single and happy and suddenly one day you find hearts and confetti everywhere


2. And then it hits you. It’s soon going to be THAT day of the year.


3. After the initial shock, you tell yourself it’s no big deal and go about your day doing what you do


4. You’re strong. You’re independent. You don’t need no relationship.


5. Till your friend asks you for that favour because she’s got plans that day and umm you don’t have any


6. When you decide you want to have plans too but then it hits you – everybody is in a relationship


7. And then you decide to treat yourself but the zombie love couples are everywhere

8. And you just can’t escape the damn red hearts and confetti


9. When getting a cat starts seeming like a really good idea all of a sudden. Cats are great cuddlers, right?


10. And you start wondering if you should call up that ex. Why did you break up again?


11. But they call you first and you remember EXACTLY why you broke up

12. That’s the moment when it strikes you – you’re truly glad to be single


12. No gifts. No expectations. No drama this year. Actually, not even pants!


13. POA : Treat yourself


14. Cupcakes. Check. PJs check. Overall awesomeness. Check.

15. Here’s to the best and most comfy Valentine’s Day ever!


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