19 Naughty Gifts, Ideas and Gestures to Seduce Your Partner

Let’s begin with a disclaimer. Strawberries and chocolate syrup may look aesthetic on camera but they can get really messy on the bed. None of the ideas you find below is inspired by terribly made erotic movies or equally badly written books. There’s a fine line between being teasingly seductive and ‘trying too hard.’ We have gathered suggestions from dozens of sexually inclined friends, customers and readers to shortlist just the best ideas written in no specific chronological order. You may be someone looking for ways to rekindle the spark in the marriage getting otherwise consumed by routine. You may be a ‘new to sex’ individual looking for creative ways to explore this world you’ve finally stumbled upon. Or you may be a veteran who’s had too much vanilla and are looking for ways of being ambitiously suggestive without being creepily vocal. Whoever you are, welcome home.

  1. Send out a personal invitation.

Organic foreplay is sexy. Expressing explicitly that you’re in the mood and planning a private party with a single-minded agenda can be sexier. Don’t confuse this to be a Calendar invite on Google. What we mean is a little more personal. And a lot more intimate. Write a formal invitation to your partner for a private party for 2 in the bedroom. Make it sound formal and seductive with just a hint of what to expect. Here’s an example:  

This is a limited edition invitation for a date where the only cuisine on the platter would be you. I’d like to cordially invite you to our bedroom tonight on the occasion of my sudden burst of love for you and my desire to show it in more ways than one. Kindly keep your evening, and the rest of the night, free because I intend to keep you awake.

Venue: I have reserved the bed but we can party wherever you like

Dress Code: No matter what you choose to wear, there won’t be any of it left



Keep your phone off so we can focus on turning on other things. If you have any special request or fantasy, I’ll be obliged to attend to them as your host.

If your handwriting is worse than a doctor having a fit of epilepsy, you can even buy yourself a naughty invite

2. Buy something sexy. Make an effort.  

This suggestion applies more to men than to the fairer sex. Especially the kind who, after a few months in a relationship, get comfortable enough to roam around in boxers and hole-ridden t-shirts. While intellect and humour are definitely great turn-ons, physical attraction is equally important. To be seductive, make an effort to look seductive. Get a suit tailored for an evening. Buy lingerie. Get a satin tie and wear only that. There’s nothing sexier than making an effort.  

3. Make a slave contract. The real kind.

You know it. We know it. The guy from the Government reading all your emails knows it. You’ve always wondered what it would be like to completely submit yourself to the whim of someone else. Or maybe have your partner be the submissive one while you take complete control of their actions. Complete submission is one of the most common fantasies and it’s time you explored it – without being kinky about it. Broach the subject with your partner in the form of a slave contract. Of course, if you’re apprehensive about his/her reaction, you can always keep the content of the contract on the lighter side. You will find dozens of templates online. You can also buy a slave contract from Oye Happy which has been designed with clauses, rules and props with just a dash of humour to avoid being overwhelming. 

4. Play a game of Never Have I Ever

Now before you brush it off as a childish idea, let us tell you that most of the people to have purchased Never Have I Ever from Oye Happy happen to be over 25. First, it gets you drunk and anything that gets you drunk this quickly can never be considered childish. Secondly, you can ask some deeply personal questions without being intrusive. You can ask your partner if he/she has skinny-dipped before, indulged with more than one partner at a time or strip teased for someone before. If the answer is ‘yes,’ then you know the wildness quotient of your partner you can take advantage of later. If it’s no, it gives you an opportunity to talk about it and find out their opinion on a particular fetish.

5. Shower Together

Taking a shower together is one of the most intimate things you can do with anyone. You cannot switch off the light to hide your supposed flows that make you uncomfortable. You can’t crawl inside a sheet. When you are naked in the shower, you are truly naked. When you drop those clothes in front of your partner, you end up dropping your inhibitions too. 

6. Get a Naughty Board Game

Do you know what the good thing about playing a naughty board game is? Even if you lose, you still get a happy ending. Now unlike Ludo, this game is sacred and like Jumanji, you cannot leave it halfway. It comes with 4 sets of cards comprising ‘Truths,’ ‘Dares,’ ‘7-second challenge’ and ‘Redeemable Coupons.’ So pour yourself a glass (or 10) of wine, switch off your mobile phones and begin the battle of Mars VS Venus with our best-selling board game for adults – Dice and Spice.

7. Play ‘A minute to win it’

If you lack the time or the inclination to buy a board game, why don’t you quickly create your own? You must have seen several shows on ’60-second challenges.’ Well, let’s add a naughty twist to it. Make a list of every naughty thing you can think of, write them down on chits of paper and deposit them in an empty bowl. Get your partner to share his/her own fantasies in the same bowl. Now get drunk, take turns to pick a chit from the bowl and perform the task while your partner switches on the stopwatch. The wilder you keep the tasks, the more interesting the night can get. Of course, add a few breathers once in a while to give each other time to recuperate. 

Here are a few examples:

Become a statue

Give a hickey

Make a naked portrait

Put an ice cube down your underwear

Take a sexy selfie like a porn star (make sure you delete it after 60 seconds)

Talk dirty with me without a second’s pause

8. Make a bucket list together.

Every couple has a travel bucket list. A songs playlist. A list of movies/shows to watch. A list of adventures to try. But when it comes to sex, well if you had a bucket list then you wouldn’t have been looking for ideas online. We cannot assert enough the importance of being frank and honest about your desires. So here’s the easiest way of creating a naughty bucket list. Write down 20 of your wildest fantasies on different sheets of paper. Once done, find out the fantasies you have in common and begin your bucket list with those. Another way of making a bucket list is to, well, buy one. Click here to get your naughty bucket list  

9. The secret game of dares.

The reason this game’s a bit of a secret is that even the one buying it doesn’t know what they are getting into. For those couples who are way past the missionary stage, here’s a box of 10 secret coupons. Each coupon is sealed in an envelope so that neither of you knows the dare inside. Every time either of you opens an envelope, you’re obligated to do that for/to your partner. You can get your box of ‘Our Dirty Secret’ delivered in less than 4 days.

10. Make a naked portrait of each other

Sex is only as serious as we make it seem. Just like the idea of ‘showering together,’ getting naked in front of your partner as he/she carefully observes every inch of you can get a little intimidating. If you’re even remotely overwhelmed by the idea, then you clearly have baggage you need to shed. Here’s one of the most fun ways of doing it. Maybe you’ll also end up discovering your creative streak in the process, among other things.

11. Watch your favourite adult movie together

There’s a reason why they’ve created the incognito mode. There’s a reason the option of deleting browsing history exists. Most people aren’t comfortable revealing their preference in porn. But what better way of getting over this trauma of having your viewing preference revealed than sharing it willingly? Instead of making it spontaneous, you can walk the extra mile and print movie tickets for both of you. Ask your partner to select a few of their favourite scenes/movies and you do the same. If you’ve shared your preference in books, artists and songs, then it’s just another quirk, right?

12. Organise a private strip show.

Before you start adding things up, we aren’t talking about hiring help to seduce your partner. Watch a few moves on YouTube, buy something nice to wear, pick the right music, light some candles, get sufficiently drunk and let the show begin. There are 2 ways this can pan out. You either turn out to be such a natural performer that you start having second thoughts about whatever career you are into. Or you turn out to be terrible and the whole thing turns into a comic show. Either way, what matters is that you made an effort and there’s no better way of turning on your partner than showing how desirable you find him/her.

13. Suggest Role Play

Roleplay, if done right, is the closest you can get to the thrill of sleeping with someone else without cheating on your partner. Unlike movies, there are better roles than a plumber or a nurse to assume. You can Google them, brainstorm with your partner or just get a Role Play Box from Oye Happy.

14. Go on a Sexcation

Sex is often a part of every vacation. But have you considered making it the only part of your next trip? If there’s nothing else on your agenda, then you are forced to be creative and to break the routine to last the entire weekend naked (or more). To begin with discussing the possibility of a sexcation so you don’t even bother browsing for things to do, apart from each other. Plan it well with adult games, handcuffs, lingerie, booze and whatever it takes to always have something new to look forward to.

15. Buy something naughty

“Hey look what I stumbled upon.”

Now turn your phone screen and show your partner one of the websites you can safely buy naughty toys from (there are dozens you can easily find online). 2 mins of browsing are all it will take to get your partner curious. Or not. If it is the former, suggest placing an order for something simple to just check it out. Who knows what kind of inner fantasies the simple act of ordering your first naughty game may trigger?

16. Become a masseuse for a day

Step one, arrange for oils, incense, candles and the right music. Step two, dim the lights, light the candles and create a soothing and relaxed ambience for him/her. Before both these steps, make sure you prepare your partner to look forward to a surprise where phones are strictly prohibited. It’s not just sexy, but downright seductive, to plan a surprise to the smallest of details. Step 3, watch a few tutorial videos so you know how to press the right buttons without pulling a hamstring. A massage can be one of the sexiest forms of foreplay and anything that starts at such a seductive note ends in a much better one.

17. Leave Hints throughout the day. Build anticipation.

Leave a note in his laptop bag that you’re looking forward to tying him up tonight. Send her a voice note telling her about your not-so-good intentions. Hide a naughty gift, like a condom or a blindfold, under the pillow for him/her to be curious about. Exchange flirty emails. Maybe even dirty letters. Flirting has always been the best form of foreplay.  You can also choose to leave hints by sticking these naughty notes throughout the house for him/her to find.  

18. Create a special corner in the house.

You have a dedicated place in your house for books, clothes, shoes and even wine. Why does no Indian household have a secret space for fantasies as well? A place where you can start building your own secretive collection of artefacts – right from lingerie and erotic books to naughty games and toys.  The idea may seem a little too bold at first but a dedicate space may create a sense of openness towards sex. Everyone has sex. Not many explore it. If you’re not sure of what to begin your little library with, you can simply pick this naughty briefcase with a bunch of curated naughty gifts for couples.

19. Share this blog’s link

You don’t have to be alone in taking the decision of ways of spicing up your sex life. It’s better to involve your partner, especially when he/she will be doing half the work. We hope you like the suggestions and we hope harder that you put at least one of them to use. You can also choose to just browse a few more naughty gifts not mentioned on this blog.

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