20 Best Ways To Surprise Your Sister On Her Birthday!

No matter how much you fight or tease each other but the fact is that your sister is like a second mother to you. From being your first friend to your first enemy and by teaching you how to climb up the cabinets for stealing cookies, she has made your childhood super fun and exciting. We know that you are grateful for your sister coming to this world because it meant growing up with a great friend by your side. And we know how much you adore her and her birthday is an equally exciting celebration for you too. Looking for amazing gift ideas for your sister’s birthday? No doubt it is very confusing to plan a unique birthday surprise for someone so close to us as we want to make it a truly memorable day for them. But, for the gem of the person that your sister is, she deserves every bit of your efforts and hard work in making her birthday special.

Here we have put together some great ideas for your sister’s birthday surprise and we are sure you will love all these ideas. Not just you, your sister will also love to have such amazing surprises from you. These wonderful birthday gift ideas can be given by a brother to his sister or among sisters and these are suitable for all ages. So, if you are looking for some amazing and unique birthday gift ideas to surprise your best friend by blood, you have come to the right place. From jewelry pieces to DIY, and some never thought about kind of surprises, we have included them all in this versatile list of 20 amazing and unique birthday surprises for your beloved sister’s special day.

  1. Organize a private concert to wish your sister birthday in the most special way at midnight.  Know more about this birthday surprise for your sister here https://www.oyehappy.com/all-surprises/elvis-on-call-2/ 
Elvis on call
Elvis on call
  1. Watch your sister shriek in happiness when she wakes up to a room filled with balloons and delicious cupcakes. Check out how to book this awesome birthday surprise for your sweet sister. https://www.oyehappy.com/all-surprises/balloon-a-matata/ 
  1. If you believe that there is nothing better than a warm hug, then here’s a tight one to wish your sister a very happy birthday. Make her feel that it’s the best birthday gift ever by sending her a huge teddy. Get this huge birthday surprise for your sister here https://www.oyehappy.com/all-surprises/bear-hug/ 
bear hug on valentiines day for girlfriend
Bear hug
  1. Does she love desserts? Hire an entire truck filled with assorted specialties from a professional chef. Book a dessert truck as an awesome birthday surprise for your sister. 
  1. Dedicate a special song customized with lyrics written to describe the person she is to you. Know more about this birthday surprise for your lovely sister. Check out a unique birthday surprise for her https://www.oyehappy.com/all-surprises/custom-news-show/ 
Custom New Show
  1. Have your sister answer the door to a mysterious giant gift box loaded with balloons and surprises. Order this gift as the best birthday surprise for your sister here https://www.oyehappy.com/all-surprises/big-fat-gift/ 
Big Fat Surprise
  1. Plan a surprise in the trunk of your car before you take your sister out for lunch. Know more about this sweet surprise for your sister.
  1.  If your sister loves dogs, treat her to the best stress buster of playing with lots of cute dogs for an evening. Book this to make this surprise as the best birthday surprise ever here https://www.oyehappy.com/?s=furry+retreat 
Furry Retreat
  1. Looking to surprise your sister in the most extraordinary way? Hire an entire hot air balloon to cut her cake in the air. Know more about how to hire an air balloon as the best birthday surprise for your sister. https://www.oyehappy.com/?s=hot+air 
Hot Air Balloon
  1. Take your sister on a ride of a lifetime in a private chopper and cut a birthday cake in mid-air. Find out more about how to surprise your sister. https://www.oyehappy.com/?s=chopper 
valentines day surprise for loved one
Private Chopper
  1. Plan a drive away with her gang – This is something that your sister will love to get as a surprise from you. Without letting her know, call her best friends and plan a short trip with them for her next birthday. Trust us, she will be elated to know that you have arranged a full-fledged group trip for her special day and it will be an event that she will cherish forever in life.
  1. A gift from memories- You and your sister have spent wonderful years growing up together since childhood. Haven’t you? If you want to surprise your sister with a memorable birthday gift, attach your best childhood pictures together on a ribbon and place them in a lovely wooden box from which the pictures will pop out one by one. When your sister opens the gift box and sees a collection of old memories, she will be surprised and amazed at your efforts and thoughtfulness.
  1. Buy her shopping vouchers- No girl in the world will say no if her sibling takes her out on a shopping spree. Instead of taking her out to buy something like makeup, accessories, or clothes, gift her a shopping voucher from her most used shopping site and make her day a zillion times better. The shopping discounts that she will get on her future purchases will always remind her about you.
  1. Gift her a lovely bracelet- Jewelry and women are a match made in heaven, for sure! We all know that ladies have a special place in their hearts for jewelry and ornaments. So, why not make your sister’s day special by giving her this beautiful bracelet on her birthday? This glorious and amazing bracelet will add great beauty to your sister’s birthday party look. Check this out here https://www.amazon.in/dp/B08BJ5JB4J/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_fabc_80C7V9E51EFZ2JKYYGRY?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 
  1. Get her a skincare hamper – Women are obsessed with glowing and healthy skin. Therefore, a skincare product or skincare combo that can help her get beautiful and glowing skin can be a great gift for your sister on her birthday. Buy it here https://www.amazon.in/dp/B07W5Q9BMK/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_fabc_W2SJDD7H44HDEWP490H8 
  1. Buy her a perfume- Fragrances outlive moments and memories. On her special day, give your sister a perfume that will remind her of you every time she sprays it on herself. Also, you can write a lovely note to her to make the surprise even more personal. You can check out https://www.fragrantica.com/ for some amazing perfume options for your sister’s surprise birthday gift.
  1. Delight her with a classy handbag- What about enhancing your sister’s wardrobe with a stylish and beautiful bag that she has been eyeing on for months? Let her show off her bag in the evening as she goes out to celebrate her special day with her friends. Give her an elegant bag like this one  https://www.amazon.in/dp/B00Z0NMFKU/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_fabc_T9R4QNKHS5P7992M6FWE to make the day extra special for her.
  1. Do a birthday week countdown – Find a fun way to count the days until your sister’s birthday. Wrap small gifts – such as chocolates or keyrings each day till the number of days left for her birthday. Start this countdown on the first day of her birthday week and lead her to the big surprise gift on her birthday.
  1. Make an elegant DIY jewelry container- This simple DIY jewelry dish will be something that you will easily be able to make for her! Even if you have some basic creative skills, you can make this beautiful jewelry container using baking clays and lots of vibrant colors.
  1. Buy her a customised alphabetical frame: This unique photo frame is a great update to the traditional photo frames. The idea being the same- to relive memories with your lovely sister. But, with a surprising twist of spelling her name through her best pictures (or yours together). This gift will surely make space in your sister’s heart, and not just her room. Check this out here https://www.oyehappy.com/all-surprises/frame-the-name/ 
Frame The Name

How often do you tell your sister what she means to you? On her birthday this year, celebrate the love she has given you for the rest of your life. Consider matching your gift this year with a heartfelt and adorable birthday wish. You can also check https://www.oyehappy.com/gifts/gifts/ to get your sister an adorable or quirky birthday card. We hope that this guide was helpful for you to discover the best birthday surprises for your sister’s birthday. Comment and share your experience about any of these ideas that you are planning to use on your sister’s birthday. Also, you can share some amazing ideas that you have planned for your sister’s birthday in the past. We’d love to hear from you!