25 Best Long Distance Relationship Gifts That Your Loved One Deserves!

They say, “Distance makes the hearts grow fonder,” but anyone who says that has probably never spent a lot of time without his/her significant other. Because let’s face it, the inability to see your partner around is difficult, and during the global epidemic, it is even more difficult. Long-distance relationships can be challenging, but if they are meant to be, you will do whatever it takes to keep that special someone close to you. Long-distance relationships are bittersweet candy. There are tons of things out there that can make a split bearable, especially if the next visit is on the head. But, until traveling is a thing, filling the space between you two with some thoughtful and wonderful gifts is a great way to make you both feel more connected, and keeping that spark alive.  We understand that in times like these, it might be a little while before you both can visit each other. The next best thing? Letting your other half know that you are always thinking about them and can’t wait to see them very quickly through some adorable long-distance relationship gifts. While the gift will not remove those feelings completely or take your place, it will certainly remind both of you of how much you love each other. Everyone knows that successful relationships are a result of efforts, but for couples who find themselves far away, it can be overwhelming because maintaining contact is not always easy (no matter how much technology helps).

Texting, talking on the phone, and FaceTime can help with the loneliness and uncertainty you both feel, but if you can’t see each other face to face, a couple of heartfelt long-distance gifts can make your better-half smile and remind him/her that you miss them every day. Having a long-distance relationship can be even more challenging on anniversaries, holidays, or birthdays. But sending some long distance surprise gifts can make the distance with your partner a little more bearable. But, what are the best long distance relationship gifts? Choosing a gift for your long-distance partner can be a little difficult. Fortunately, we have compiled a list of the best LDR gifts that you can give to your loved one for any occasion. What better way could there be for you to show your concern and strengthen your connection? Here are 25 practical and romantic long-distance relationship gifts.

  1. Mapping hearts- Let your loved one feel all the love irrespective of the miles between you two. Get your hands on this romantic photo frame and prove that love outlasts distance and time. This can be one of the best LDR gifts for your partner. It is a classy frame that can be customised as per your locations. Show him/her that they’re worth every mile between you two and make them feel all your love! Order here https://www.oyehappy.com/all-surprises/mapping-hearts/ 
  1. Hug cushion- Your cuddle buddy misses you as much as you miss him/her. And to make up for that, surprise them with an adorable cushion like this one that they can hold closer to themselves every time they miss you. Never, we repeat never let distance be a barrier of cuddles that your loved one deserves. Order here https://www.amazon.in/dp/B08R93L24L/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_glc_fabc_6BR8392G104KH874T7TA 
  1. Open when letters- When you are in a long distance relationship, there are days when your partner feels low and you are simply unable to help them out. What if we told you there’s something that can take your place for a while and make up for that distance? This set of 7 adorable “open when” letters are designed to accompany your lover’s every mood and make them feel super special and amazing. Buy here https://www.oyehappy.com/all-surprises/open-this-when-letters/ 
  1. Box from cupid- What’s better than getting a gift from your love who’s sitting miles apart? Getting a bunch of such adorable gifts from cupid. Make your partner blush with happiness with this cupid’s box that has seven adorable and romantic gifts. What’s better? This is a customisable long distance surprise gift that’ll have that extra personal touch for delighting your special one. Order here https://www.oyehappy.com/all-surprises/box-from-cupid/ 
  1. Ted talks-  We know that even a 5 minutes long call from your soulmate serves as your stress buster for the week. Yep, he/she is your personal Ted talk. Here, Ted talks means an adorable teddy talking in your voice to deliver your messages to your long distance lover. You can actually record your own voice in this cute teddy and send it to your loved one. Sounds adorable! Right? Know more here https://www.oyehappy.com/all-surprises/ted-talks/ 
valentines day gifts for boyfriend
  1. Long-distance lamps- Maybe you’re lucky enough to live in the same city with your loved one. If not, it’s important to find things that keep you connected and bonded in love. These lights are another great way to make you two feel closer even when you are miles apart. Each person connects his or her lamp to WiFi, and when one person touches his or her lamp, another’s lamp will flash automatically. A perfect way of saying, “I miss you and I am thinking of you” to your partner. Order here https://www.amazon.in/dp/B08LBK2YCP/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_glc_fabc_4N8BM5YQ0BJYB547CWSJ 
  1. Bucket list planner- You have spent a lot of months or years apart. For the next time you two meet, why don’t gift him/her something that will have all the plans and adventures ready to take up? Get this adorable couple’s bucket list planner here https://www.amazon.in/dp/195355704X/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_glc_fabc_CSBP4WD9NZQ7H30B8WNM 
  1. Two states mug-  Distance can never separate two people who are actually meant to be together! This adorable and romantic mug can be customised as per you and your partner’s location and pictures. Thus, it turns out to become a piece of art (and love) for you to sip your morning coffee in! Get this here https://www.oyehappy.com/all-surprises/2-states-mug/
  1. E portrait for couples- We can bet that you two look absolutely stunning together. But, how can you add more fun to your best couple picture together? Get this virtual caricature made and turn your best picture together into a lifetime memory in the form of an E portrait. Know more here https://www.oyehappy.com/all-surprises/e-portrait-for-couples/ 
Romantic Gift
  1. Video of yourself- Is it your long-distance lover’s birthday? Record yourself singing a happy birthday song or wishes. Send it to them privately at midnight and make your partner’s day even more special and memorable. You can speak about some of your best memories with him/her and trust us, your partner will fall head over heels in love with you after watching the video. 
  1. Growing old caricature- Love is when you can imagine growing old with a person. Make your partner get a glimpse of your future together with this extra adorable long distance gift. This old age caricature frame is all things fun and an adorable gift for your loved one. It is a customisable surprise gift that will prove to be a unique gift idea for long distance couples. Order here https://www.oyehappy.com/all-surprises/growing-old-caricature/ 
  1. 7 gifts 7 promises- Making a promise is a lovely gesture that you can do for him. Surprise him/her with this promise hamper to unlock fun and romance in your relationship .These promises are curated with a blend of both lovey-dovey and quirky texts in them. Get this here https://www.oyehappy.com/all-surprises/7-gifts-7-promises/ 
7 promises with 7 gifts
  1. Bottle capsule characters – SMS message? What about stuffing your message in a capsule. This cute bottle has over 50 customizable messages in small bottles. So, you can add in everything that you want to let them know, but in a really cute manner.  Small but a powerful way to show him/her all the love they deserve. Order here https://www.amazon.in/dp/B0136A7PLM/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_glc_fabc_0EW6Y098KDN7DD5BDTZ3 
  1. Relationship milestones- Between the two in a couple, one always forgets the special dates and the other one never forgets it. Instead of trying hard to remember your special dates together, carve them with your pictures and memories on this customisable photo frame. Celebrate every milestone of your togetherness with all the love. Order here https://www.oyehappy.com/all-surprises/relationship-milestones/ 
  1. Countdown Clock- Counting days to your most important day is a great feeling.  This is a great way to count down the days before the next time you see each other again! It has a duration from 1 to 1999 days (over 5 years) and there is not a need to manually count the remaining days on the calendar. Simply enter the current date and target date and you are good to go (we mean wait). Order here https://www.amazon.in/dp/B078N3H34X/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_glc_fabc_R453QM1H964MPPR7QY41 
  1. Jigsaw magnets- Ever felt so complete with someone that it almost felt like you guys are two adjacent pieces of a puzzle? This jigsaw pair of fridge magnets are all things unique and thoughtful at the same time. Let him/her know how perfectly they fit in with you through these customizable and adorable jigsaw magnets. Order here https://www.oyehappy.com/all-surprises/jigsaw-magnets/ 
  1. Couple’s T-shirts- We know, you adore him/her more than anything else in the world. Get your hands on these adorable couple T-shirts that are sure to win you some brownie points from your partner. What else? Everytime they miss you badly, they can wear this t-shirt and feel your presence instantly. Adorable ! Isn’t it? Order here https://www.amazon.in/dp/B07F6X9T4M/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_glc_fabc_PXF21XTA0QBPBXCM3VW0 
  1. Polaroid locket-Sounds old school, right? No, it is not. This handcrafted and customised photo locket is a lovely surprise gift for a long distance partner. It is something that your loved one will hold closer to his/her heart forever. This polaroid locket comes with a silver chain in a cute glass jar. Order here https://www.oyehappy.com/all-surprises/polaroid-locket/ 
Photo locket
  1. Wetube- Make your partner feel cherished and loved by converting your journey together in a video. This customised video is made with 10 of your best pictures together. Along with the pictures, share some memories and facts about your journey with your loved one and we will customize the entire video beautifully just for the two of you. Get this made here https://www.oyehappy.com/all-surprises/wetube/ 
Customised video
  1. Custom love tracker-Remind your partner about how grateful you are for the number of days you two have spent in love. Let this gift make your love and togetherness eternal. This customisable gift comes with 2 of your best pictures together that you can easily change in future when you make newer and better memories together. Buy here https://www.oyehappy.com/all-surprises/custom-love-tracker/ 
  1. I miss your face candle- This is a perfect gift for those uncertain and busy times when seeing your loved one doesn’t always happen. Let them know how much you miss them with this beautiful “Miss Your Face” candle that they are sure to love. Make it even more special by adding a personalized message for your partner. Order here https://www.amazon.com/Candle-Christmas-Birthday-Personalized-Distance/dp/B076Z8PHDY 
  1. Couples pendant set- Wanna make them hold a piece of your heart forever with them? Get your hands on these couple’s pendant set that they are sure to love and hold closer to themselves forever. Buy here https://www.amazon.in/dp/B0833V7173/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_glc_fabc_BE0WV51GSPRCSTG7S94N 
  1. Travel bag set- Is your partner one of those forgetful people out there? if yes, let them be more organized by giving them this classy travel bag set. For the next time, they visit you, make sure they haven’t forgotten their essentials home. Plus, this bag will also remind you about them throughout the journey and even after you aren’t around physically. Order here https://www.amazon.in/dp/B07S9Q452V/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_glc_fabc_F23N1E0S1PWGVSZVJ1TP?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 
  1. Customized couples bracelet – This adorable bracelet makes a great personalized and romantic gift for your long-distance partner. You can customize the inside part of the bracelet with a fun customized message. Order here https://www.amazon.in/dp/B08GSBNBF6/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_glc_fabc_GJA7383J4AYSDBP7RC23 
  1. Stars above us- Seeing your partner smile because of you can be surely one of the most beautiful feelings on earth. No matter what, distance can never separate two people who actually want to be together. Let your loved one feel the warmth of your love with this out of the world gift. Recreate the alignment of stars during your special moment with this customisable and beautifully designed star map frame. Order here https://www.oyehappy.com/all-surprises/stars-above-us/ 

After all, you know your partner the best and you have a better understanding of what types of gifts they will appreciate. The most important thing when choosing LDR gifts is to keep them personal and heartfelt. We hope that these ideas made your creative juices flow and helped you find the perfect gift for your long-distance partner. If you want more inspiration, visiting https://www.oyehappy.com/gifts/long-distance/   will accelerate your gift-giving instincts. 

What LDR gifts did you send to your partner? Tell us about your recommendations! Are you ready to take your love to the next level? Long-distance gifts require a lot of effort and personal touch. So, go all out with your love and make your significant other fall in love with you all over again.