A Hawaiian-Themed Surprise!


I hit the big 4-0 this March and though birthdays are a big event at my place, I didn’t plan any celebrations since it was in the middle of my son’s final examinations.

 It’s the evening before the big day and I return from work around 7. Hubby and sonny suggest the dinner buffet at a nearby 5 star hotel. A suggestion that I welcome since I don’t feel like cooking. They say we’ll pick my mom and sister up on the way and ask my in-laws to join us there as well.

So I freshen up and dress and we’re all set to go. We’re picking up my sister on the way so we stop at her place and hubby asks me to go get them while he waits in the car. I enter with sonny and voila! All of a sudden I’m faced with about 60 people wishing me a happy birthday at once. I couldn’t stop the tears rolling down my cheeks. It was the perfect birthday surprise with all my closest friends and family all dressed in their Hawaiian best – that was the theme of the party! Hubby and family had taken care of every smallest detail and had even gotten me Hawaiian themed clothes to change into.

The best part of the evening was the food. Everyone in the family chipped in to make a dish since everyone knows I absolutely adore home cooked meals at a party. Chicken curry by mother in law, pork by mother, salad and pasta by brother in law, chicken wings by sister in law, dal fry by cousin, paneer and mocktails by my sister and so much more! It was absolutely the best feast ever, made tastier by the amount of love and planning that went into the event.


– Belinda Dsouza Gaikwad


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