11 Adorable Birthday Gifts For Your Boyfriend That He Will Cherish For A Lifetime.

Your better half is about to turn another year older, and you are confused about what you can get him for his birthday. If you’ve only been dating for a couple of months, it’s hard to know what he likes or dislikes. And if you have been together for years and ages, by now you probably are out of all the gifting options. Thanks to the tons of Valentine’s, birthdays, and anniversaries you guys celebrated till now. Deciding a birthday gift for your boyfriend can be a confusing task for any woman; especially when your partner is the Oh-so-picky type. And besides, issues such as time and budget can also lead to more confusion.

A pro tip- Think of something that will be useful for him in the workplace or something that will complement his hobby and make it more enjoyable. Be curious about what they buy for themselves and how they spend their leisure time. When they invest time and money in something, they are more likely to appreciate a gift within the same context.

Honestly, some men do not even like to celebrate their birthday! But like a great girlfriend, you should be determined enough to find the best birthday gift he could ever receive. After all, Men deserve all the cuddles and pampering from their girls. The best way to express your love on special occasions is by surprising him with romantic birthday gifts. Find the right way to say “I love you” on his special day by getting him a unique gift from the vast array of options available. Whether this is his 20th or 35th birthday, we have got you covered because we know how much this day means to you. It’s one of those days when you step into their shoes, appreciate them for all that they do and caress them with all your love and attention. Along with all the cozy hugs and mushy kisses; you should also get him a birthday gift that best compliments his personality. Below are the best 20 birthday gift ideas for him.

To the moon and back– Ever loved someone this much that one life seemed short for it? This LED light art frame can be the perfect birthday gift for your boyfriend’s birthday. The canvas sheet look on this frame makes it a classy present for him. Give him this for his birthday and let me know that you love him to the moon and back.

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7 gifts 7 promises– It’s his day and you want to make it the most amazing one for him. Right? Surprise him with this promise hamper and celebrate the entire birthday week with him. After all, making a promise is a lovely gesture that you can do for him. These promises are curated with a blend of both lovey-dovey and quirky texts in them.

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Couple t-shirts– Show him your love by giving him these customized couple of t-shirts for his birthday. These t-shirts will let him and others know who the real boss is. Also, now that you will have some t-shirts, you can finally stop stealing clothes from his wardrobe. Flaunt them on a trip together and set true couple goals together. Order here https://www.amazon.in/dp/B07Q3DF28L/ref=cm_sw_r_wa_apa_fabc_B6K625BH7SQCN1A730KE?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 

Dice and spice– Make things extra spicy by gifting him this naughty and fun board game. This romantic activity will give you a good reason to stay up all night and make it one memorable day for him. There are plenty of truths, dares and 60-second challenges included in this to make it a super fun birthday gift for a boyfriend.

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24-hour surprise hamper– What’s better than getting surprises for the entire day on your birthday? Get him this surprise hamper which has a total of 9 beautifully wrapped gifts that are super romantic and fun. Every one of these gifts is supposed to be opened at a particular time of the day only. 

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Birthday monkey card– Want a super affordable birthday card that is not boring or conventional? Get this super fun and quirky birthday card for the actual monkey that he is and subscribe him to a day full of fun and smiles.

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Reasons you are a catch– Get a dozen cricket balls and doodle them with all the things that you love and adore about him (or his funny habits and memories). Use different colored balls and pens to make it a more vibrant and colorful gift. This can be an amazing gift for your cricket lover’s birthday boy.

Jigsaw magnets– Ever felt so complete with someone that it almost felt like you guys are two adjacent pieces of a puzzle? This jigsaw pair of fridge magnets are all things unique and thoughtful at the same time. Let him know how much he fits in with you through these customizable and adorable jigsaw magnets.

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The birthday mail– Want something that can make his day a truly memorable one? This full-on party package is ready to do that. This birthday mail has everything needed to host a perfect home party for him- DIY cake mixes, customized birthday magnets, birthday monkey cards, postcards, balloons, birthday contracts, party whistles, candles, and obviously, a lot of love. When deciding on one gift seems confusing, get him this entire set of gifts that will make him feel extremely special.

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Mini radio show– This virtual gift is surely one of its kind. Simply share some details about your boyfriend, his likes, dislikes, quirks, and your favorite memories/ moments. And, we will curate this amazingly fun radio show for him. This will be a treat to listen to when accompanied with some candles, dim lights, his favorite food, and obviously, his favorite girl. Trust us, it’ll make his day!

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Stuck on you- Give him these adorable fridge magnets and promise him that you will stick by him no matter what. These customizable fridge magnets will always remind him of you. The cherry on the cake? These magnets are designed in such a way that you can change the inserted pictures whenever you wish to. Also, there is a rewritable marker with it that you can use to doodle your favorite quotes onto the magnets.

photo magnets for fridge

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Plan a date night– Time to put your sleeves up ladies. This birthday gift can be the best way to pamper your guy on his special day. Arrange an intimate home date for him and surprise him with some beautiful decorations, gifts, and food. Be his chef for the day or order in his favorite cuisine and also, light some scented candles in the place to make it an even more romantic date set up for him.

Lit birthday card– He is the one who can brighten up your face on the lowest days. Why not wish him a happy birthday with this unique and super affordable birthday card that will make his face light up with happiness . Conventional birthday cards are a thing of the past. Go a little extra with this fun birthday card that lights up in the flick of a button.

Birthday greeting card

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Virtual caricature– Yes! We know he’s already super adorable. But, this handcrafted caricature portrait will make him look even more cute(and funny too). To add an extra touch of personalization, tell us something that he loves doing and we will put that theme on this caricature portrait. Sounds fun? Right!

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Birthday countdown mails– We know you can never get enough of the day on which your favorite person was born. Well, celebrate the arrival of his special day with him by sending him 7 birthday countdown mails for his birthday week. Each day, we will mail him a beautifully designed and thoughtfully written countdown mail from your behalf to make this one of the best virtual birthday gifts for him.

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Memories in a jar– Write some best memories of you two on small colorful sheets and put them inside a glass jar decorated with ribbons. To add more sweetness to your surprise, you can also put some of his favorite candies and chocolates inside the jar(or even date night coupons for birthday eve). This is a very quick yet lovely DIY birthday gift for him. 

Virtual adventure book– Take your wonder guy on a trip down memory lane by getting him this virtual adventure book that will be customized for the two of you. Share some beautiful, memorable and emotional moments from your journey together and we will curate this video for you. In the end, we will also include a 30 seconds special video recorded by you for them. PS. Keep tissues and hugs handy as this emotional surprise might make him cry.

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Romantic photo box– Capture your journey together in this box of memories for life. Get him this customized wooden photo box where 3 pictures (with cute messages) pop up from it one by one and unfold your memories together on his special day. This can be one of the most classy birthday gifts for a boyfriend.

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Great Indian boyfriend mug– Surprise your chai/coffee lover with this cute Indian boyfriend mug that will be customized with all the statements or slangs that your boyfriend uses frequently. This is a microwave-safe ceramic mug that will be a quirky and hilarious birthday gift for him.

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A heartwarming video message– Get all his best buddies, family members, cousins, and colleagues to record and send a short birthday wish video for him that includes their favorite memory together. Make his day even more special by compiling and playing the entire video on the night of his birthday and see him smile like a kid. This can be one of the most heart-touching and nostalgic birthday surprises for him.  

The list can go on and on. The essence of giving gifts is to show your love, gratitude, and care for your partner. Men are not difficult to please, and as long as you make a little effort, they will appreciate any gift they receive. We hope you have gotten at least one gift idea for him from the list above. Filled with an X-factor, we are sure that these gifts will eventually reach his heart and make him feel treasured on his special day. (Oh! And also earn you some best girlfriend brownie points). For more unique and adorable gifting options, check out our plethora of gifts here https://www.oyehappy.com/gifts/for-boyfriend/