An Independence Day Gift To Those Who Ensure Everyday That We Keep Our Independence

When my wife went for her first Himalayan trek to Kashmir, she put in 3 months of hard work and preparation to be trek-ready. And she did a fantastic job at that.

What she wasn’t prepared for was to meet her childhood heroes – members of the Indian Army!

Since her early days, she’s always drawn inspiration and strength from our soldiers, despite never having an army connection.

So when she ran into them on her trek, she took the opportunity to tell them how she’s inspired by them and how much she appreciates what they do for the nation. She came back not just over-awed, but also with a deeper sense of connection with them.

Once home, when we discussed this experience, both of us realized how much they mean to us and to our country. And how most of our friends and fellow citizens never get a chance to express their gratitude to the army.So we decided to try just that – get India to say thank you to the army!

We’ve setup a portal, where you can write a letter to officers and jawaans of the Indian Army. It could be to appreciate their efforts, thank them for keeping us safe, a story that means a lot or anything that connects you with them.

The plan is to trek the Himalayas and deliver your letters personally to our soldiers on the Indo-Pak border before Independence Day this year.

We’re really excited about making this happen and are hoping India will join us in our effort. It’s the least we can do for those who make sure we get to keep our independence.

Jai Hind,

A Thankful Indian.

To share your love with the Indian Army, visit