Are You A Secret Santa? Pick Amazing Christmas Gifts Online For Your Child

It’s the holiday season and there is a huge sale across all shopping spots. With no vacant car parking spaces, crying children demanding random things at the sale from their parents, to a huge crowd posing for selfies with the Christmas tree and Santa Claus kept at all the malls’ entrance, it is definitely going to be a herculean task to buy gifts amidst the chaos. Being a Secret Santa is fun, except the fact that you’ve to figure out what to gift your child, especially if you’ve not known the person enough. So our in-house Santa is here as a saviour to all the Secret Santas this year, to help pick amazing Christmas gifts online, without having to wade through the crowds in the malls.

From funny Christmas gifts, creative, to homemade or DIY ones, our Santa has worked hard with his elves to for days together to bring this list of amazing Christmas gifts you can buy online for your child.

Greeting Cards With a Cool Twist

Santa’s Pouch

We agree greeting cards have gotten too old and are boring. But hey! Our elves have written some cute messages on placards on behalf of Santa and packed them with a gift for your child to make their Christmas happier.

Get it here.

Lit Christmas Card

Before you pick yet another booring greeting card as your last minute Christmas gift, how about getting one that lights up a Christmas tree on a card at the flick of a button?

Get it here.

Christmas gifts personalised by Santa

Mug for Elves

No! Don’t even think of heading to a gift shop to buy a “Merry Christmas” mug. Our elves have designed a better one which you can personalise with your child’s photo with “Santa’s favourite elf” written on it.

Get it here.

Santa’s Hat Magnet

Come December and you’ll see all the Christmas lovers’ Instagram photos donning Santa’s hat. If your child is a Christmas lover too, here’s a unique fridge magnet which you can personalize with their photo.

Get it here.

Christmas in Spotlight

We knew your go-to gift for every occasion is a photo frame. So our elves decided to make it look cooler with this amazing lighted frame that you can personalize with your child’s favorite photos. To add on, Santa will clip snowflakes, iceman and many more exciting things from North Pole.

Get it here.

Christmas gifts with a dash of creativity

DIY Hot Chocolate

This winter season, there’s nothing tastier than a piping hot chocolate drink. You think so too? Here’s a homemade Christmas gift for your child where they can make their own hot chocolate with ingredients handpicked by our elves and tasted by Santa himself.

Get it here.

Certifiably Awesome

Santa has made a list of the ‘Naughty’, ‘Nice’, and ‘Awesome’ children. Get your loved one a certificate from Santa to make them grin this Christmas.

Get it here.

What are you waiting for? Christmas is around the corner and our Santa and his elves are working hard to get the perfect gifts for every Secret Santa. Be the coolest Secret Santa in town and check out more of our no-fail gifts for your child here.