Bind your partner in love with these 11 jewellery gifts this Valentine’s Day.

1. Tiny trinkets
A handcrafted gift with 6 uniquely designed charms to keep your love safe from any harm this Valentine’s Day.

2. Eve’s bracelet
An antique accessory with reindeer moss infused in a sphere to make your love feel more special this Valentine’s.

3. Time Turner
A classy locket watch customized with your loved one’s picture on the other side for this Valentine’s Day.

4. Vial of dreams
Gift your Valentine an antique jewelry made of precious material people only think of in dreams.

5. Key and ka
A key ring that comes with your precious one’s favorite picture on it exclusively made for this Valentine’s Day.

6. Pendant of nostalgia
A personalized pendant engraved with your most dear memory in the form of a photo for your Valentine.

7. Gift for the queen
A bracelet that has traveled all seven kingdoms to surprise the queen of your life this Valentine’s Day.

8. Queen of hearts
A unique heart-shaped pendant to add extra romance to your relationship this Valentine’s Day.

9. Key to my heart
A surprise that gives your Valentine the key to your heart forever and ever.

10. Moon of my life
A moon-shaped necklace that speaks how much you love her this Valentine’s Day.

11. My special bracelet
A uniquely designed bracelet to surprise your Valentine with their own photo or your loving message.