Ladies! Would you believe if we tell you that you could get these gifts under Rs.1000 for your husband’s birthday?

Ladies often go through a dilemma when it comes to deciding what gifts to get their husband on birthdays or anniversaries. And after a lot of thinking, thinking and thinking, they end up buying the same old conventional gifts like watches, wallets, shirts, belt and deodorants.

So to help solve this dilemma, here are the most unique gifts to get your husband on his birthday, and the best part is all are under Rs.1000. Read On!

1. Still believe in old-school love? Then wish him with loooong messages in tiny bottles.

message in bottle surprise

Order this awesome birthday gift for your boyfriend.

2. You’ve been with each other through thick and thin, and still share the awesome-est chemistry. Let your boyfriend know it with this LED greeting.

best birthday gift for boyfriend

Get this awesome LED Greeting to surprise your boyfriend.

3. Is your love story similar to a highly dramatic Bollywood film? Then gift him your favorite moments in this card.

romantic surprise

Find out more about this special card to surprise your loved ones.

4. Remind him of the special place and moment where Cupid struck the both of you with this.

best surprise for boyfriend

Order this special gift to surprise your loved ones.

5. Unfold your beautiful story of togetherness with your favorite pictures and messages.

awesome gift for girlfriend

Order this customized box with pictures and messages to surprise your loved ones.

6. An easel with your best pictures and special messages for his office table will definitely impress him.

awesome birthday surprise for husband

Order this customized box with pictures and messages to surprise your husband.

7. For being the most special person in your life, he deserves more than a single gift. Here’s a gift inside a gift inside a gift.

huge gift box

Know more about this amazing box to gift your husband on his birthday.

8. Turn his naughty side on with these dirty, steamy hot redeemable coupons.

steamy hot redeemable coupons for boyfriend

Check out the most amazing gift for your anniversary.

9.  He pampers you all the time? Now it’s time to pamper him by giving him redeemable tickets for hugs, kisses, dates and more.

best anniversary surprise

Know more about these special coupons to surprise your loved one.

10. Does he love the chai you make the most? Surprise him with a bunch of customized tea bags and cutting chai glasses.

customized tea bags

Find out more about this gift to surprise your loved one.

11. And finally for being a Superman in your life, get him this frame.

photo frame for husband

Find out more about this really unique surprise for your husband.

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