Unique Birthday Surprise Ideas For Your Friend to Make Their Day Extra Special!

When it is your friend’s birthday, you want to do whatever it takes to make their birthday extra special. hence we are here with a bunch of unique Birthday Surprise Ideas For Friend. Of course going out is already a part of your weekend routine so that is just not enough. Birthdays are the perfect occasion to make your friend feel on top of the world, and who better than us to trust with the planning to get the perfect birthday gift for your friends!

Unique Birthday Surprise Ideas For Friend

Birthday Gift Hamper For Friends, Partner and family

To start the day, or midnight in this case.

 1. Knock your friend’s door at midnight with the most unique cake with a gift inside it

When it is a friend’s birthday we usually get cakes for two reasons. First being cutting the cake and eating it, and second being to smash it on their face! But who wants to stick to the same old boring routine? You can now actually get a unique cake made for them with a gift inside it, so at midnight when they cut the cake, there is an actual gift inside it. The gift consists of a vintage pocket watch or a locket watch, based on your preference.


2. I think a private concert is playing around the corner

Just a cake cutting is never enough. You can add on to it with a birthday surprise for your friend by adding a private concert in the background. We will organise a guitarist to sing the birthday song for your friend, along with a 20 minutes private concert singing all their favourite songs! Who wouldn’t like some Arijit Singh songs playing in the background especially for them on their special day.

3. How many phone calls are too many phone calls?

What can possibly be both, the sweetest and the most annoying way to wake up on your birthday? Get a stranger to call your friend and wish them first thing in the morning. But it doesn’t stop here! This surprise for your friend carries on through out the day, where ten different strangers call at ten different times and talk about their favourite things. It is only during the tenth call, the person behind this surprise is revealed. But this surprise gift is definitely going to leave your friend guessing all day long!

4. Favourite food in the morning will guarantee a great start to the day

Waffles & pancakes or idli & dosa, whatever your friend loves to start their day with, get a takeaway from their favourite breakfast place and surprise them with a lovely breakfast in bed. There is definitely no better way to start the day. As they say, nothing builds the mood like some good food. 

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5. Surprise your friend with a radio show designed and recorded for them

Yes you read that right! You can get a whole 10 minutes radio show customised especially for your friend. From playing their favourite songs, to talking about your funniest incidents together, it is a radio show designed to surprise your friend in the most unique way. Now imagine your friend having their favourite breakfast in bed with a unique gift like this one dedicated to them playing in the background. Doesn’t it sound like the best birthday ever already!

6. Take your friend out on a special treasure hunt!

After a morning full or surprises, we cannot lose the momentum now, so get ready to take your friend for a fun surprise treasure hunt which of course will have a special gift at the end of the hunt. By the end of this special 60 minutes hunt, in the final treasure box, you will find a bunch of 5 adorable emoji cards, each of them with a hilarious message to go with. 

7. Did someone say puppies?

Think of the most unique gift idea for your friend. Did you think a room full of puppies? A room full of puppies kissing, licking and slobbering off all the stress you felt while trying to solve mysteries? Well then you are on the right track! You can now take your friend to a shelter for an hour, where they will let loose a bunch of puppies on the two of you to make your day so much more special. Happiness comes in form of a wagging tail afterall. 

8. A belly full of cupcakes.. UNLIMITED cupcakes!

No birthday goes by without indulging in desserts. And what better than plates and plates filled with miniature pieces of heaven. You can surprise your friend by taking them to a patisserie where they will be surprised by being handed over unlimited cupcakes. Hopefully they will be done eating before you need to rush them to a dentist next! 

9. Sign a contract to make their birthday sensational!

Gift your friend a formal birthday contract, for a unique birthday gift idea, binding him/her to celebrate the most sensational birthday since 5000 BC. Within each contract you will find a list of funny terms to be fulfilled by the birthday baby! Failure to complete the contract card under the hereto terms and agreements set forth by the court of Oye Happy will result in some pretty dire consequences. The contract will ask the birthday boy/girl to follow certain resolutions like, work on a better sense of humour or grow younger each year, It also has a list to to do things like confessing a crush, or even ordering your own gift online and acting surprised when it reaches you.

10. Is your friend an Instagram fanatic?

Who isn’t nowadays! Surprise your friend with a wooden box that looks like the Instagram logo and the box will be filled with a bunch of their favourite pictures that look like polaroid images, with custom messages on it. Wouldn’t that make a perfect birthday surprise for your friend! 

11. Wrestle your way through in the most fun way

Fights and all we everybody has, but how often do you end up in a wrestle mania with your friend? Get a special thumb wrestling ring made where both of you can stick your thumb inside and actually have the most fun and epic wrestle in history. The person who loses is of course buying drinks in the night. The only time Oye Happy would say, “happy wrestling”.Check out the best birthday surprise for your friend to make her feel special.

12. Combo for the win! 

What do you do when you go to your favourite pizza joint and cannot decide what you want to get? You get a combo where you get a little bit of everything! And guess what! A pizza joint is not the only place where you can do that. Even at Oye Happy there is a “Happy Birthday Combo’ that gives you a bunch of birthday gifts put together! When you cannot pick what to get, you shouldn’t have to pick just one! From a birthday mug, to a monkey card that opens into a mirror which will show off your monkey friend, to a birthday magnet, and even a glitter bomb that will pop and burst glitter all over your friend, and so much more! You can get it all in one gift.

13. One gift, two gift, three gift or a GIANT GIFT!

Get your friend the worlds largest gift box. While you are on your day out for a whole bunch of surprises, allow us to come and set up this lifesize box so it can be the largest surprise once your friend returns home. When they come home to see this surprise, don’t forget to record the expression on their face. Watch how they open it to a whole bunch of balloons flying out followed by multiple gifts inside this gigantic gift. 

14. Make your birthday card sing!

Make a birthday card for your friend extra cute by making it sing each time they open the card to read your special message. Send us a 20 seconds recording of whatever you would like to say to your friend, or sing their favourite song and we will incorporate it in the card to make this card feel extra special. 

15. Best way to push your single friends buttons!

If your friend is too single, this is the perfect way to rub it in. Send them this specially designed emergency box with a condom inside it. Until and unless it is an actual emergency we do not recommend breaking the glass. This is definitely a fun way to leave the two of you in splits! This one counts for a unique gift idea for your friend as they for sure do not seem to be getting any birthday sex. 


Now that you have a whole bunch of ideas on how to plan a birthday surprise for your boyfriend or your friend, you can start planning unique gift ideas right away! If you loved the ideas we gave you, you can find a whole lot more on our website, which will definitely leave you awww-struck and wanting to plan more and more birthdays! Do not forget to tell your friends about us as well, so they can plan similar surprises for your birthday. Why should they have all the fun!

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