I surprised my travel-addicted brother


I am actually an emotional fool when it comes to my brother and given a choice, I would buy the entire world for him. He, being the simpler one among the two, is happy with the television remote and a box of pizza. The most annoying thing about him is that every time I ask him what he wants for his birthday, he simply shrugs and says he doesn’t want anything. This year, I decided to take him by surprise especially since I don’t get to spend much time with him since I got married.

He is very fond of travelling but because he cannot do it often, he loves to just take his bike on a spin whenever he gets the chance.  When he left home at noon, as I hoped he would, I got the Oye Happy guys to park a brand new Harley Davidson outside the house. I had rented the bike for an entire day so he could show off as much as he wants. Simple as he may be, all boys love to show off, don’t they? Thankfully, the weather was amazing and simply perfect for a ride. When I called him that evening, he literally shrieked with happiness! It was amazing to hear him sound so excited. He said it was the best surprise he had ever received.

– Manju Sarda

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