Customized Gifts for Birthday

Birthdays are awesome. More so if you are a kid. Remember the olden days? The birthday cake, food, and the mandatory musical chair. Those days were something else altogether. Not that we don’t have fun anymore on birthdays but now with birthdays come responsibility (and the pressure!) of a gift. As a kid, you buy a box of crayons or two Parker pens and you are all set for your bestie’s birthday party. Now you will have to cast a spell, sacrifice two horses and know the recipe for coca-cola to find the suitable gift for your bestie. It’s worse when it is your partner’s birthday. Deciding on the gift itself is a headache and finding the best one is two days of a migraine. And that’s exactly why, dear sisters, we need the tradition of customized gifts. Customized gifts for birthday are personal, thoughtful and easy to buy, since you can make it as you like. And you can buy customized gifts online easily. So, here follows the guide to customized gifts.

Customized gifts for men

An obvious choice for men‘s customized gift is a t-shirt. And quite right one too. It’s useful and you can a bit of fun by customizing it with prints or quotations.

Personalised frames are another good choice of gift. Frame your memories in collage, digital art or any way you like. The digital portraits especially look amazing. Scroll down and take a look at this awesomeness.

digital portrait

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You can turn his photo into an exceptionally beautiful work of art designed by an artist. The photo is converted into a digital portrait by a professional and framed using a wooden frame.

Engraved wine bottles, key chains, and even duffel bags work great as birthday gifts. Take an useful everyday product and personalise it. Voila! you have your no stress and yet thoughtful gift. Isn’t that nice?

Now let’s move on to the gifts you can give to the special women in your life.

Customized  gifts for girls

First Choice, a  tote bag. It is hela useful, recyclable, can be custom made and also cute.

personalised tote bag

You can also get your bestie or your sister a journal with her name engraved on it. Betcha she will love it.

Alternatively, You can go for jewelry. Jewelry customized according to their zodiac sign will also get you some best-birthday-gift-ever points from the birthday girl.

zodiac sign pendant

Customized art is another gift any girl would absolutely love. Pencil art is one of such customized gifts. Take a look.

Art in a bottle

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Moving on to the next choice of gift, how about an artistic frame with the birthday girl’s name on it? These picture clippers are an absolute delight. Don’t take my word, scroll down and look for yourself. 

Name a nostalgia

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It is an intricate work of art created with handcrafted terracotta alphabets placed neatly to spell your loved one’s name.

The secret of these gifts is that any customized gift has a personal touch. You can include something that gives an anecdote to your memories together or you can include a private joke only two of you share. And that is why they are the best kinds of gifts. Easy to buy and you won’t have to worry about them not being suitable for the intended person. So are you set for your loved one’s next birthday party?

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