Dear Future Husband, Can We Get Married Like This, Please?

1. Let’s be the DJs for our Sangeet night and make our families groove to our tunes.

DJ on your sangeet

2. And have a themed Sangeet with all the decors and outfits in vibrant colors.

amazing anniversary surprise

We’ll have awesome pictures to update on our FB profiles.

3. Our love story will be the most unique one. And when we get married, I want our invites to be quirky and lively too.

best anniversary surprise for spouse

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4. I know you’ll get the most energetic baarat with a rocking band. But can we have a band on our Sangeet too?

best marriage gift

Because you know how much I love dancing with you.

5. Getting married to you is my dream come true. And I’m going to show all the excitement with customised accessories for all the ceremonies.

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6. You know how much I love clicking pictures with you right? Let’s get a pre-wedding photo shoot to show the world our fairy-tale love.

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7. I want to throw a grand Bachelorette to my besties with lots of madness and fun.

photo shoot with loved one

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8. Although we’re not anywhere close to singing like Arijit Singh or Shreya Ghoshal, I really want to record an exclusive wedding song. can record your song in a professional studio. Find out here.

9. And I want our dream house to be full of lively moments of our marriage. So let’s take #swag filled selfies, please?

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10. Unlike others I don’t want my Prince Charming to come riding on a white horse. How about making a grand entry in a sports car or a Limousine?

limousine entry on marriage

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11. And let’s have the best team of photographers to capture the most precious moments of our BIG DAY.

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I want to make our wedding the dreamiest event of our lifetime. Because you know, it’ll make a fairy-tale worth telling our children and grand-children in future.