Elsa And Anna At My Daughter’s Birthday


When it comes to my daughter, she means the whole world to me. While most mothers shower their daughters with clothes and toys, my way of making her feel special is with food. And the best kind of food is not what you buy outside. It is always the kind made at home with love as the secret ingredient.

On her 2nd birthday I wanted to bake her a cake myself but since I had never made one before, I decided to take help from every novice cook’s first go-to place – Youtube. I started watching videos of others baking and the more I watched, the more confused I got. My first cake was a complete disaster. The second one wasn’t very good either. And neither the third. My husband was sweet enough to eat all my experiments till the day of her birthday when I had finally baked the perfect cake which was devoured by everyone in less than 30 mins.

On the actual date of her 2nd birthday we were in India. Sadly, we didn’t have an oven at home but my brother convinced his friend, who owns a pastry shop, to help me bake a cake in the shape of her favourite character – Curious George.

By the time she was 3 years old, she had already started to watch “Frozen” & her favorite characters were Elsa and Anna. She is crazy about them and will only pick anything with their stickers on them – from shoes, bags and toys to sunglasses, bottles and fans. On her 3rd birthday, I made a Frozen themed cake for her. The moment she saw the cake, she got so happy that she shrieked and hugged me and, in her sweet voice, said “Thank you mommy. Thank you thank you thank you so much!” She actually thanked me 4 times and gave me a big fat kiss. I look forward to making a special birthday cake for her every year so that I can see a smile on her face and hopefully get a big fat kiss every single time.

– Megha Govindaraj

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