Exciting And Useful Gift Baskets Your Wife Will Love

We are sure you have heard about sugar, spice and everything nice. And then there are gift baskets. Surely, whoever coined the phrase of sugar and spice didn’t know about gift baskets. Just take one look at those beautifully wrapped baskets filled with gifts. Our hearts can’t take the excitement. Unwrapping each gift is heaven. And the best part is you don’t know what tiny little trinkets you are going to find in there. Seriously, people, gift baskets are forever. From the time of the Maharajah to East India Company, everyone loved a goodie basket in their names. And we are hundred per cent certain that your wife will love it too. And there is always a gift basket to fit any occasion. Let’s look at the best gift baskets for your wife for each occasion.

A Crate Full of Love

Crate full of love

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Surprise your wife with a wooden crate packed straight in Cupid’s warehouse. From a funny Cuddle contract and an LED card to customised fridge magnets and messages in bottles – the gifts have been specially designed to make your better half smile for an entire day!

All the gifts are neatly packaged in a handcrafted wooden crate. The box is customised with your initials scribbled in chalk.

This one makes for a beautiful birthday gift hamper basket.

A Spa Basket

spa basket

Get her a gorgeous ready-made spa basket. Presented in a beautiful wicker basket, there are products such as shower gels, bath salts and a fluffy towel which will make her feel as though she’s in a real spa, especially with their luxurious scent.

Red Wine and Chocolate

red wine n chocolate

Is there a better combination in life than chocolate and red wine? Both rich and luxurious, these two pairs so beautifully that this gift basket contains simply that. Two bottles of wine and a delicious assortment of gourmet chocolates; she’ll love sampling everything this hamper has to offer.

A Basket Full of Timely Gifts

7 momentsGet it here

Make your loved one die with curiosity and excitement with this special hamper comprising 7 awesome gifts. Each gift is packaged in a box locked with a 3-digit code. The codes for each box will be emailed to you and you can choose to share them with your loved one at regular intervals of time.

The theme for the hamper is ‘7 reasons why I love you’ and each box has a cute reason printed in it.

Yoga Treat

yoga gift basket

If your wife enjoys a daily yoga routine, this gift basket has everything she’ll need for a fulfilling yoga session. There are plenty of self-care products and edible treats.

Cupid’s Goodie Basket

open when letters

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Surprise your better half with a hamper packed straight at Cupid’s warehouse. From handcrafted mailboxes and messages in bottles to cuddle contracts and ‘Open this When’ letters – the gifts have been specially designed to make your special one giggle for an entire day! All the gifts are neatly packaged in a beautiful steel case.

Gift baskets are exciting, thoughtful and your wife will know how much effort you put into it. Need we say more or you are going to order one already?

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