For A While My Son Became My Mother


A few months ago, I had a health complication and spent most of my day in bed, surviving on antibiotics and tasteless food. My father-in-law would buy food from outside for the rest of the family while I had no choice but to gulp down boiled rice and plain dal. Until one day, my teenage son walked into the room with a bowl of my favourite poha.

It looked, smelled and tasted just like the way my mother used to make it. At first I thought she was here to see me but then I realised that he had called his Dadi and asked her to guide him through the entire cooking process. He even added his own flair of decoration to make it look more delicious. For a moment there, it seemed like we had reversed roles. I seemed like the child who got excited at the sight of her favourite food while my son became my mother and took care of me.

– Bijal

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