For Others They May Be Dogs, For Me They’re My Brothers. Happy Rakhi Ginger & Tofy

Relationships do not necessarily have to be built based on being of the “same kind”. Over time, my dogs, who I call my brothers, have become more important than most other people in my life. They protect me, they don’t let me shed a single tear, they make me happy, they greet me with the same amount of love and happiness every single day, and most importantly, they keep my secrets safe with them :p

I remember when we first got Ginger and Tofy, they were given the same importance a newborn would be given when they first come home. Being the youngest in the family, I suddenly felt replaced and insecure. In fact, there were times Ginger and I used to fight. I would scream, and he would bark. Even though it didn’t come across like we liked each other too much, I came to realise how I cannot do without him.

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As soon as I would reach home from school, they would come running to me, jump on me, lick my face, wag their tail, run around the house with happiness, and later after all the excitement would fade, Tofy would just continue to be the cute little cotton ball that he looks like, but Ginger and I would get back to our routine and fight again. It was like having two younger brothers at home. Brothers I loved annoying and fighting with- maybe that was just my way of expressing my love towards them. I always told mom I want younger brothers and in a not so traditional form, I got the best kind!

Even in a million years, I would not trade these brothers of mine for human brothers. They are my protective shield and always will be. For others they may be dogs, for me they are my family, my brothers, and the biggest chunk of my heart.

Happy Rakhi Gin-Tof. I will always love you two more than anything in this world.

-Sonam Singh

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