20 Gift Ideas For Men Who Don’t Like Receiving Gifts

Are you one of those frustrated wife or girlfriend who is at a loss when it comes to gifting your partner? Because out of the zillion people in the whole wide world you had to choose the one who doesn’t like gifts. Like, what? Who doesn’t like gifts? Even satan raised hell because he was jealous of us humans for we had gifts from the Almighty. But who would tell your partner that?

Well! Everyone has their own Achilles heel. And trust us, we have gift ideas for men even your much strong-willed partner can’t say no to.

Scroll down for gift ideas you can try on the gift sceptic!

Love Contract

Technically, it is not a gift for him. It is for you! A set of binding contract that requires him to cuddle and make out as you like it and when you like it. He doesn’t care for a gift anyway, so why not take the opportunity to give him something that actually is for your own sweet benefit. Scroll down to get this bundle of awesomeness.

Love Contract

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Name a Star


The worst thing about having a partner who doesn’t like a gift is when it comes to anniversary gifts and you can feel a headache coming, thinking about things you can do to make the anniversary special. Tell you what, get him a star. Well! Not literally hand him over the star of course(he won’t like to hold it anyway!). Name a star after him, this anniversary.

Name a star

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He will feel special without having to receive anything at all.

Elvis On Call

He did say “no gifts”, but did he say “no music”? 

Call home a professional guitarist and make any special day a little extra special with a musical surprise. At a time of your choice, a guitarist will knock on the special person’s door (or any other place). The moment your loved one appears, the guitarist will break into a song sequence wishing your special one.

Elvis on call

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Quirky Fridge Magnets

Tickle his funnybones and get him these fun fridge magnets. It’s homely and will wring out a laugh or two thrice a day (more if he is a foodie).

Quirky Fridge magnet

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And if he still utters the most dreaded phrase: “you didn’t have to”, you can tell him it’s for the fridge!

Jar of Nothing

Well! This one is the culmination of all the ‘nothing’s he asked for every year on his birthday and all the hair pulling you did searching for ways to celebrate his birthdays. This will be the birthday gift of nothing for the birthday boy this year.

Jar of Nothing

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It’s like monopoly but with beer! And who can say no to beer or a drinking game? Get him a set of beerpoly and see if his gift-disliking trait still persists.

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A Whiskey Book

If he is one of those people who appreciate good liquor (meaning, whiskey!) a whiskey book will work the best.  The Art of Distilling Whiskey and Other Spirits is one book you might want to check out. 


Drinking is an art after all and like all art it needs learning!


Perfect idea of a gift who doesn’t like a gift but lives for food. It sure is a trick but who is looking? And you have so many options – a casserole, a box of samosa or if you want to get him giggling try a potato wrapped in a gift box (get it here)

Food Gift

A Bottle of Wine

Romantic dinner or a long day at work, a bottle of wine comes in handy in every occasion. It is also perfect for those who deny liking gifts (though we know better!) just by being the only practical tool for feeling good in a crappy day. 


A Naughty Board Game

This one is more about having fun than being a gift. Your company, some wine, and throw in some naughty fun. Voila! You have your (and his) perfect stay at home date night. The board game has four sets of coupons named ‘truth’, ‘dare’, ‘7 second challenge’ and ‘redeemable coupons’. You roll the dice and it decides which naughty task you get to do or your partner does for you.

Dice and Spice

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A Pair of Socks

A perfect gift for anyone with feet, especially during the winter. And trust us socks help, a lot(unless you take them to bed). And never forget, it was a sock that freed Dobby from his white-haired tight-lipped evil master. You can’t imagine the ways socks come in handy.

A Blanket

To keep him warm and also because a blanket is just a cozy sock that goes all the way up to your neck (or your head!)


A Sweater

Everything wool is has love weaved into them (your maasi would know!). It’s very practical and pretty useful in over-chilled office rooms. And also because no one likes the cold shoulder!

Key Finder

These things are literally the lifesavers. Your adorable gift hating partner will thank you for this one. But remember to get two. Because your life needs saving too in the world where everything moves this fast.

Wake Up Light

Mornings are a bitch for someone who is not morning by any definition. A morning light will make it bitchier, just enough to wake him up and set him about his day (if you are not a morning person yourself, join in the fun and grumble till you are up). Another life saving and practical gift to get your partner. Though he might not thank you for it!   

wake up light

A Coffee Card At Starbucks

Get your man a coffee card from Starbucks. It’s every coffee lover’s wet dream. And if he is a coffee addict, he will love you more for this gift.


Tiny Adorable iPhone Stand

His phone shall stand on its own legs to keep him company whenever you are away.

iphone stand

The Toothbrush Organiser

A toothbrush organiser that doubles up as a toothbrush cover? You kidding? We all need this in our lives, including your partner.

toothbrush holder

A Tub Caddy

For those days when you two are too much in love to wait for vacations.

Tub Caddy gift

iPhone Case With Earbud Holder

He doesn’t know how much he wants this phone case, just yet. Get him one and see the happiness unfolding in his eyes!

iphone case with earbud holder