He Answered The Door To A Guitarist Playing “Our Song”

We’ve been in a long distance relationship for 5 years now and thanks to our work commitments, we only get to meet twice a year- on each other’s birthdays. His birthday was around the corner and I really wanted to make it special. Special for the sweet memories we could cherish until the next time we met. That’s when Oye Happy came into the picture and helped me plan his birthday.

We both flew down to Hyderabad on the morning of the big day. As we moved into our hotel room and freshened up, there was a knock at the door. Expecting it to be room service, my boyfriend answered the door. To his surprise there was a guitarist who greeted him by playing the Happy Birthday song! My boyfriend stared at me and the guitarist in utter amazement. I finally told him what I had been upto. Hugging me tight, he invited the guitarist inside to play more tunes. He insisted on me singing “our song”, that I would usually sing to him during our late night calls. Although I am no great singer, I couldn’t deny his wish. I sang the song, holding his hand, looking into his eyes, and the guitarist playing the tunes perfectly. After my turn he hummed a few lines for me as well.

We spent more time together and ended the day with a candlelight dinner. We never want to say goodbye after any of our dates but this time we were leaving with a precious memory we could hold on to until next time.


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