He got the most adorable anniversary gift from his wife.

My husband always wanted a puppy as a pet in our home. But me being a person who’s scared of dogs always refused to get one. In the last 4 years of our marriage, there hasn’t been a single day when he hasn’t tried to convince me to get a pet puppy home. But I being a hygiene freak who would yell at someone for not having even a cushion in it’s place, kept refusing.

It was our 5th wedding anniversary in a week and I was clueless on how to surprise my husband. That’s when it struck me that there couldn’t be anything more adorable or special for him than an actual puppy.

On our anniversary I put our new member of family- Rufus in a little basket and left it in the hall. As my husband walked out of our room, he was delighted to see our puppy. Finally 4 years of convincing me had paid off and according to him it’s the best gift he could have ever received.

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