“I Can Never Forget The Look On Their Faces When They Realized What Was Happening”

I’ve never left my sons in the last 10 years of their life. Even when I headed to my store, I would take them along with me, they slept in my room, in fact I have an additional space attached to my bed especially for them. I am so much more attached to them than anyone else in my life.

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When I heard I had to fly out of the country for 2 weeks, I was terrified, I didn’t know how I was going to do it. Would they be okay?

Finally it was the day I had to fly out, I looked at them. They looked sad, their tails hanging, they saw the suitcase and I could see the sinking feeling in their eyes. I felt the same, but I assured them that I would be back before they knew it. I hugged them and left.

As soon as I reached the airport my phone started ringing. It was my daughter’s call on FaceTime. I answered it and I was greeted by my favorite children- Ginger and Tofy. I was grinning uncontrollably when I saw their faces. They looked settled in, and comfortable to be home even in my absence. Apparently my daughter had to take a day off from work to spend time with them to make sure they feel okay even in my absence. I watched as they played around and I was assured that they are going to be okay.

I would FaceTime my daughter everyday to get an update on how the two of them were doing. I would see them running around the house, being playful, sometimes fighting with each other, and sleeping peacefully each time. It was a relief to see them doing so fine.

Two weeks flew and it was time to head back! I was so excited to meet them. That is when my daughter came up with an idea- that I surprise my Ginger & Tofy! I had no idea what she had in mind or how she intended to make this work. I was curious and excited. The flight felt like it was never ending, but finally after a long 10 hours of restlessness I landed and it was time to go home!

As soon as I landed, I called my daughter and she said there was going to be a 3.5 feet giant gift box placed in the house, and as soon as I reached home, I was supposed to sit in the box. It sounded exciting, but how exactly did it work? I was clueless but definitely excited.

I gave her a little heads up before reaching home, so she took Ginger and Tofy out for a walk.

I reached, quickly put my luggage away, sat in the box, and patiently waited for my daughter to bring them back in. As soon as she entered home, they rushed towards the box and started sniffing it. They got a little suspicious, and that is when I jumped out of the box. They were taken aback for a second and when they realized it was me, their expressions were priceless. I haven’t seen anyone happier than them. It was the best feeling, coming back home to my kids. I wouldn’t leave them for so long ever again, but surprising them after my trip was totally worth it!

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