20 Last Minute Gift Ideas That Don’t Look Last Minute

How many times have you gone ‘oh shit’ in the past month on a day before one of your friends’ birthday? More times than you are willing to admit? We feel ya, amnesiac human. Fear not, because we have the perfect solution(s) for ‘the last minute’ disorder you seem to be going through.

Fellow procrastinators, we present to you, The Guide to Thoughtful and Fun Last Minute Gift Ideas.

Custom News Bulletin

Make your loved one the star of their own show with a news Bulletin created exclusively for them by professionals! The show will be exclusively scripted for your loved one, shot by artists and edited professionally to create an authentic news bulletin. Here’s a sample link of the surprise – https://youtu.be/xOKsI59v0WM

Customized news bulletin

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It only takes a day to create your own news bulletin. See, fast and easy!!

Letters To My Love

If your loved one loves letters but you aren’t into writing yourself, allow Oye Happy to be your messengers by delivering a bunch of 7 adorable reasons to stay mine forever! Each letter is packaged in a handcrafted envelope and numbered.

Letters to my love

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The letters are already written and packaged. You will only have to click on the link above and then click on the order button to get it delivered to you. Your partner won’t even know you forgot ‘the first kiss anniversary’! You’re welcome.

Wishes by strangers

Have a bunch of friendly strangers call your loved one throughout his or her special day with only the last call of the day revealing who arranged for the surprise. A Biryani lover will get calls saying the entire city of Hyderabad will eat Biryani in their honor today and a Punjabi music lover may pick the phone to a Honey Singh song sung by a stranger. All you have to do is share some fun facts about the special person and we will ensure that the calls seem like one made by an old friend he/she doesn’t remember anymore.

Wishes by strangers

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Thirty Days of compliment

Keep them surprised for an entire month with an amazing app created only for them. After the app is installed by your partner, it begins with 4 of your favourite images. Each day, a compliment flashes on their screen as a notification. If they tap on the notification, the app will open on their phones.

30 days of compliments

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The best part is you can customize 5 of your own compliments too!


If your journey with each other has been captured in pictures, then make them even more special with a video made using 10 of your best photos. All you have to do is upload the photos you want us to use, share a little about your better half and we’ll customize the entire video for just the both of you.


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Personalised Drinks

Customise their favourite drink with a message from your side. Who wouldn’t love to upgrade their names to a brand name? And it only takes an hour.

Personalised drink

A last-minute road trip

It is always an unplanned plan that materializes. It is the way the universe works. So why not take advantage of it? Go on an impromptu road trip with the birthday boy or the birthday girl without letting them know about the impromptu part of course!

Bake their favourite food

You kept delaying getting that gift for your roommate’s birthday. And now you are pulling at your hair thinking about how to save the day (more precisely, the birthday). Why not take a trip to the local supermarket for supplies and bake them a mountain of their favourite cookies, brownies, and cupcakes. If you are good at baking that is! Else do all of us a favour and please scroll down.

Baked desserts

Make a resolution together

You forgot your anniversary! Not that you forgot the date, only forgot that it is today. What do you do now? You make a resolution to keep a reminder a week prior to your anniversary. And then you make resolution for a good habit to follow through, together with your partner. A thoughtful anniversary gift along with that bracelet (or cuff links), you found at the jewelry store on the way home!

Couple resolution

Fortune cookies

Bake them a bunch of birthday fortune cookies with personalized messages inside. Delicious, feel good and very very last minute.

fortune cookie

Netflix gift card

A Netflix gift card works anytime, anywhere and for anyone! Who wouldn’t like to binge on ‘Stranger Things’ or spend an entire weekend with a box of pizza, a blanket and of course that trending show everyone is talking about? And ‘Netflix and chill’ is a bonus too.

A book

There is a book about everything and if you know a person’s likes/dislikes a book to suit their taste is always the best gift. They say those who read books live a thousand lives. Gift them one!


DIY Paintings

You don’t need to have any painting skills to whip up a perfectly pretty painting with DIY ideas mushrooming YouTube and Pinterest. A painting as a gift always works since handmade things always have some sentiments and effort put into it. 


If your partner has a green thumb a bonsai tree is ‘The Gift’. It is perfect to de-stress and also a classy decor for his room. A perfect gift that suits any occasion and that you can whip up in no time at all.


Customised Tote Bag

A customised tote bag is a gift everyone loves to receive. You can never have too many reusable tote bags in today’s fast-paced life. Customise a tote bag with your friend’s or family’s initials and you’ve got yourself a present that will save you time and stress both.

custom tote bag

Memory magnet

Turn your fridge into a carousel of memories with these really unique magnets customised with pictures of your choice. And when you make newer and better memories to share, you can also easily change the pictures yourself in future.

Memory magnet

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A Goodie basket

Here’s a personalized wooden crate filled with handpicked goodies to delight your little one on their birthday for a long time.

Crate full of love

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Personalised planter

Get a simple off-the-shelf planter and customise it with your friend’s initials.  A personalised planter is a no stress gift and at the same time, it doesn’t appear to be a random selection. Win-win, isn’t it?