Unique Gifts For Pride Month And 8 Ways To Celebrate It Right!

The sun is not the only thing that comes out in June. Rainbow flags are also beginning to appear around the world as the pride month’s festivities take place in a variety of ways, from protests to parties to possessions and celebrations. As always, World Pride Day will be celebrated on June 28. Colorful shows, concerts, and pride marches around the world are often held. However, as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to loom large, many will be celebrating it online this year too. As the world prepares to celebrate Pride Month in June, one tends to wonder what it is about and why we are celebrating it (because there is still a lack of awareness around the LGBTQ community and Pride month). There is much written in the history about LGBTQ and Pride Month from its very beginning. But one basic question that arises most often is: Why is it called “Pride,” anyway? So, let’s explore this topic together. 

What is pride month?

Every year in June the world celebrates the month of pride dedicated to the LGBTQ community and their right to live a dignified life. Pride is all about people coming together, showing and celebrating how far gay rights have come and how much more still needs to be achieved. Pride Month is about equality, teaching acceptance, educating about the history of pride, and above all, love. This month is all about teaching ourselves and others how harmful homophobia can be and why we should end it. It’s about being proud of who you are or who you love and likewise accepting others too in this regard.

Why is Pride month celebrated in June?

The origin of Pride Month actually dates back to a story of violence – 1969 riots in Stonewall, USA. On June 28, 1969, the Stonewall Protest took place in New York City in the USA. At the time, New York police were constantly attacking and harassing the queer community. Also, the American Constitution then contained laws forbidding homosexuality. One of the most popular gay bars, Greenwich Village of Stonewall Inn was attacked several times by the police officials which became the catalyst of riots. However, that day in June, the whole city broke out when the queer community stood up, spoke up for themselves, fought for their basic rights, and protested hard against the police’s unfair raids and attacks.After the NY police raided the Stonewall gay bar with the intention to clear that place and make arrests, even the bar patrons refused to save or help the queer community there. A crowd of more than 400 people gathered to witness the unfortunate incidence of violence and riots. More than 13 people were arrested by the police that day and many more from the queer community had to be hospitalized because of severe injuries. The entire city was in chaos for two days straight. This incidence of uncalled violence and riots erupted the anger among queer community members to lead the most revolutionary LGBTQ+ movement in the history of US. And that movement somehow changed the world forever and for the better. The following year, the first show of pride was held in memory of the Stonewall Riots and the tradition continues to this day. The LGBTQ + community has fought a long battle for their right to live a dignified life. Therefore, every year in June, the world celebrates a month of pride to honor members of the community who have gone through various hardships in life. It also shows how far gay rights have come, and what is yet to be achieved. This month is about teaching acceptance, learning, and understanding the history of pride, and above all, love. 

8 Best Ways To Celebrate Pride Month 2021:

1) Go To A Pride Show Or Event – Throughout June and July, there are many popular festivals and events hosted (both online and offline) that you can attend to show your support for the queer community. While there are many great ways to celebrate Pride Month, these events give you a real sense of emotion that is associated with pride. Pride events offer a great learning experience, not to mention these are very fun too! If you are not able to attend pride events physically this year, many pride events will also happen online, so it is easier than ever to join the festivals from your homes. Search the web for online events, conferences, concerts, and other activities organized to mark Pride Month.

2) Pledge To Become An Ally- If someone in your life tells you that you are LGBT+, it can be hard to know how to respond. Your initial reaction may be of surprise, excitement, confusion, discomfort, or all of the above. Be honest with your answer, but you should also be aware of the importance of your answer and the impact it can have on someone else. Take an oath not to make someone feel uncomfortable for expressing their feelings to you and always treat the other person with great respect, understanding, and empathy.

3) Volunteer Or Donate – Since Pride is all about celebrating the strength, resilience, and well-being of the LGBTQ + community, consider donating as one of the ways to celebrate. It is a great way to celebrate the LGBTQ + community as it not only allows you to interact with the community you care about, but it is also an easy way to support and celebrate throughout the year. Give back to the community through a voluntary program such as supporting a local LGBT+ community center.

4) Educate Yourself And Others In Your Family – Do you know why we celebrate LGBT Pride Month in June? Spend time reading and educating others about the history of the month of pride and its importance to society.

5) Decorate Your Home With Pride Theme – Pride Month is a time of year when LGBTQ + celebrate their identity and honor love. Want to show that sense of pride at home? Surround yourself with some decorative items related to pride and decorate your home. Put a rainbow flag in front of your yard and windows, or design a colorful DIY custom wall hanging that showcases your support to the queer community.

6) Find LGBTQIA Movies, TV Shows, And Books Online – Another great way to celebrate pride is by developing a greater understanding of the LGBTQIA community and experiences through movies, TV shows, and books. Whether you choose to wrap up in a comfortable blanket to watch LGBTQ + movies or put together a special book club, there are so many movies, shows, and books related to LGBTQ+ that you and your loved ones can watch, read and discuss. So, combine your personal preferences with influential books, movies, and TV shows and celebrate Pride Month by diving into the world of the LGBTQ + community.

7) Celebrate With A Gift- LGBTQIA Pride Month events attract millions of participants from all over the world every year. While festive celebrations and events to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community do not take place this year due to the pandemic, buying good gifts for someone is not limited to anything and especially not to any single month of the year. Treat someone with a special LGBTQI gift as a way to honor and celebrate their existence! Whether you’re looking for a proud gift for your trans-BFF, your partner, or even yourself (you should be spoiled, too!), you can’t go wrong with any of these gifts. 

8) Be Proud- This is all that pride month is about. Be proud of who you are, of the decisions you have made to live your life according to your goals. Make self-acceptance and pride your most important factor. Do it this month, keep it up all year. Remember you are not alone as by doing this, you can even encourage those young people who are discovering their identity and dealing with certain self-doubts about it.

At the end of the day …
You are what you are, so love big and live with pride. Wear your personality and self-expression with pride, celebrating with your loved ones and families. No matter how you celebrate Pride Month, in a public display, or in the comfort of your own home, it is time to unite and stand with the LGBTQ + community in its fight for equality and justice. Pride is more than a month, it is a way of honoring and celebrating your daily moments, big and small. A time to capture all the unique and simple moments of life that make your life proud and colorful, meaningful, and worthy. From 1969 until now, LGBTQ people and partners have been working hard to attain their basic rights- right to marry, right to adopt children, right to start a family, right to fight discrimination or hate speech, and most importantly, the right to love without inhibitions and live without fear. While we appreciate the progress we have made as a society, we also need to be realistic and remember that we still have a long way to go. Here at Oye Happy, we hope the world will soon fully embrace love and lovers without any judgments or discrimination. Happy Pride Month to all of you! Make it count.