My Birthday Gift Was My Childhood Dream

I grew up listening to R.D. Burman’s songs and firmly believed that there could be no other musician who could compare to him. I dreamt of the day I’d stand in a studio and he’d direct. Maybe Lata Mangeshkar would take me on as her protege too? A girl can dream.

But a girl also grows up and learns that singing can’t be a “real career”. I was told it was barely a hobby once you become an adult. I listened to them and let go. Until this birthday that is.

My friends – who are some of the most amazing, amazing people in the world – had arranged for a surprise gift. They’d always known about my secret dream as a child and this year they had decided to make it come true. On my birthday I had my very first recording session at a professional studio. They had planned the entire thing. I could’ve cried.

In an all probability I’ll never be a professional singer. But I have┬áthis memory (and a video of it!) to hold on to forever.