My low-key proposal


Dating in India is always tricky. You’d have to be a super ninja to evade a crowd of uncles and aunties you might be related to and also be expert at cooking up stories before you step out on a date. My ex-girlfriend and I had a foolproof dating technique. We used to board the really comfortable Volvo buses and just travel to and fro, from the starting point to its final stop and back again. This way we could talk and at the same time, be off the radar.

Our relationship was going really well at the time and I decided to propose. We were on our regular, discreet, bus-ride dates and there was a drizzle outside. Soon she fell asleep on my shoulder and I quietly slipped the ring onto her finger. In a while she woke up and for the longest time she didn’t notice the ring. When it finally struck her, she created such a scene in the bus in a way only a woman could. She was extremely excited and kept screaming and very soon the whole bus knew that I had proposed. So much for a discrete date.