Enrique is now my second favourite rockstar


When we were little, my sister and I would go absolutely gaga over Enrique. We were completely besotted with him. It was in seventh grade when I heard the best news I have heard. Enrique was coming to India! My sister and I were over the moon but our happy bubble was popped by the next bit of news, Enrique was only performing in Bangalore and not in Hyderabad. It seemed so unfair that he would perform so close and we still would not be able to see him. To say we were heartbroken would have been an understatement.

The day before the concert we went to school as usual and were prepared for a completely normal day until our driver came to pick us up during lunch break. We didn’t know what was going on till we got into the car. We were then informed that we were going to Bangalore! Our mom had planned it all out and kept it a big secret till the last minute. We went to Bangalore, watched Enrique live and had a blast. This is the best surprise I have ever received and is a memory I’ll cherish forever.