Oye Happy Gift Guide: The Most Unique Gift Ideas For Every Occasion.

Buying the perfect gift for the special people in life is always a task. They’re so special that you want to gift them something very unique that they’ll remember forever. But very often this thinking process takes too long, and we end up buying the conventional gifts like clothes, accessories, phones, wallets etc. However, it’s the little and thoughtful gifts that actually bring the widest smile on our loved ones faces.

We at Oye Happy are motivated by this thought of unique gifting ideas that drives us to create the most unusual, yet thoughtful gifts for every occasion and for every special person in one’s life- mom, dad, sister, brother, wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend.

To make things easier to buy a unique gift for the special ones in your life, here’s a collection of our most extraordinary and popular gifts.

1. For your partner.

– Crate full of love.

Surprise your better half with a wooden box packed straight in Cupid’s warehouse. From a funny Valentine contract and an LED card to customized fridge magnets and messages in bottles – the gifts have been specially designed to make your better half smile for an entire day!

birthday surprise for spouse

Order this birthday surprise for your spouse.

– Open this when.

All of us have that special person in our lives for whom one gift is simply not enough. For him/her, here’s a special set of gifts, which not only works for every occasion but for every mood as well (even the terrible ones).

surprise for loved one

Order this surprise for your loved ones.

Dice & Spice

For couples looking for better ways of staying up the whole night than watching TV with each other, here is the perfect way for an unforgettably kinky night. This dirty board game has 4 sets of cards, each colored differently. Each time you roll the dice, you have to follow the instruction on the corresponding card. The cards are categorised as ‘Truths’, ‘Dares’, ‘7-Second Challenge’ and ‘Redeemable Coupons’.

anniversary gift for partner

Find out more about this anniversary gift to your partner.

To the moon and back

Love your spouse to the moon and back? Say it with this beautiful piece of art designed to light up with the flick of a button.

surprise for spouse

Find out more about this special surprise for your spouse.

2. For your parents.

– The vintage effect.

Revoke memories of the era gone by with this hand-crafted wooden box, customised for the special one.

special surprise for loved one

Order this awesome wooden box as a special surprise for your loved ones.

The easel

Say farewell to regular photo frames. Add an Oye Happy touch to your table with a miniature wooden easel stand with your photos.

anniversary surprise

Order this wooden stand with pictures of your loved one to present as their birthday or anniversary surprise.

Message in a bottle

Messages in bottles have a long tradition of being the best delivery service for love. Surprise your loved one with this set of 3 bottles. As soon as (s)he pulls the cork, a long ribbon tied to it will open out to reveal your message.

special gift for loved one

Share your feelings with this special gift for your loved one.

3. For your siblings/friends.

 The enchanted mirror.

Add a touch of magic to your greeting card and express how much someone means to you.

birthday surprise for sister

Order this awesome greeting card to present birthday surprise for your friend or sister.

Pendant of nostalgia.

Gift your loved one a treasured keepsake for their jewellery collection with a customizable pendant.

anniversary surprise for spouse

Order this personalized pendant as an awesome surprise on your anniversary.

 Treasure trail.

Everybody loves a good treasure hunt. But organizing it and making it special for someone is where most get stuck. Fret not folks – tell us where you want the clues hidden and we’ll design your own treasure hunt kit, right away! Every clue is hidden in pirate-style bottles packaged in small boxes. To motivate the player, every box is complemented with a witty certificate, along with the next clue. Once your loved one solves the last clue, they will find the final treasure comprising several chocolates, a grand certificate and a vintage pocket watch as a winning treat.

surprised for loved one

Order this awesome package to surprise your loved ones.


Take your loved one to a trip down the memory lane by gifting them this unique wooden frame.

surprise for loved one

Order this unique wooden frame to surprise your loved ones.

Looking for more unique gift ideas for the special people in your life? We have lots and lots of them on www.oyehappy.com.