Proposal in the air!

Every man wants to woo his woman with a proposal she will never forget( or possible say no to), and I wanted exactly the same. My girlfriend and I have been dating for 11 years now, and she has always tried to change the introvert (maybe a little khadoos) me to an expressive romantic. I had to shed this image of mine and turn into the most romantic and expressive lover boy who would make her go ‘aww’. I decided to surprise her with a proposal beyond her wildest dreams. But problem was, I had no clue about how to turn into the Raj from DDLJ overnight.

I started serious research and had just read about every “proposal” blog when my friend suggested Oye Happy. He had used their services to surprise his wife on her birthday and she had absolutely loved it. I immediately picked up the phone and called them. A 15-minute conversation with one of the Happiness Consultants made me confident that I would never be called the ‘Oh-not-so-romantic’ by my girlfriend ever again.

Finally the ‘aww-some’ day arrived, and according to the plan carefully made by Oye Happy, I picked my girlfriend up at 11 am and to her surprise, blindfolded her. After a 30-minute drive filled with an incessant number of failed guesses, we reached the place.

The team stood at the venue patiently waiting for us. I held her hand and and led us to another vehicle. A few minutes and many more failed guesses later, she opened her eyes and she was swept off the ground, quite literally. We were on a privately chartered aircraft thousands of feet above the ground. I knelt down on my knees and wore my best smile on my face, trying to recall all the ‘lovey-dovey’ lines that I had practiced before the mirror. However despite all the rehearsal, I was beyond nervous. After a short speech of whatever I managed to remember, I popped the big question. And she replied with a big yes! I slipped the ring on her finger and we were engaged. And again, I saw her on cloud 9 literally!

There was cake and a bottle of wine, awaiting us as the flight landed from where we’d taken off earlier. When we cut the cake, the array of happy emotions in her eyes are memories I’ll hold onto and cherish forever. And just as she thought that this was the end to her perfect day, a giant 6-feet tall teddy bear walked towards her with a placard in hand that read- ‘Marry me. I can hug better!’ She laughed so hard at that, that I wish I’d remembered to record it.

The day was filled with happy surprises, thrills, hugs, a lot of ‘awws’ and khushi ke aansoo. My girlfriend… oops my fiancee now, was so happy she talked about it for days after to anybody who would listen. (And mentioned that she couldn’t wait to find out what I’d planned for the wedding!) Maybe I didn’t manage to be ‘the Raj from DDLJ’ of every girl’s dreams, but I made my girl the happiest. For her, I’ll be the romantic she deserves.

Here’s to the day we’ll remember for the rest of our lives.

– Srikanth

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