10 Best Ideas To Make Your First Date More Memorable and Special

Congratulations, you dared to ask that special someone, and they said yes. Now comes the challenging part: planning your first date. Does the thought of going on a first date fill you with fear? Does the last memory of a “first date” make you feel embarrassed? If so, you are not alone. The good news is that, with proper planning, you can avoid some of the most common pitfalls and troubles that arise during your first meeting with someone special. You want to plan your day to make sure you two have a good time together and also show how interested you are in the other person. But you also don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard to impress. One of the biggest problems in the early meetings with someone is that we don’t know what the person on another side of the table is thinking.

You see, most of us have a vague idea of what to do on a first date. We don’t know where to go, what to say, how to do it, and most importantly, we don’t know how to set a second date! If you’re going on a date with someone you’ve never met before – whether it’s someone you’ve found on a dating app, through a friend, or he/she is a blind date – it’s normal to be a little nervous and worried that things won’t work out. Well, it’s good that you and your date have found each other and made instant connections over the phone. Dates are just a chance to meet someone new, have fun, or, at least, learn about your likes and dislikes. One of the best things that can happen to you is to fall in love with someone on this wonderful journey of your first date. From your stomach doing somersaults while choosing the best outfit and location, the first dates can be overwhelming. If you’ve been looking for the best first date tips ever put together, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve put together ten great first-date tips to get you on your way to building a great relationship, either with the person you are meeting or yourself(if things don’t work out with them).

1. Be punctual- The first and most important thing here is to be punctual. Never be late or keep someone else waiting, especially on your first date. Arriving late is a perfect way to turn your meeting into a disaster and remember the old saying, “the first impression is the last impression.” Besides, keeping the person waiting is not only annoying but it can also be an act of disrespect for his or her time.

2. Don’t overdo it- The first date with someone you know little or nothing about is full of uncertainty. Don’t make things complicated by trying too hard to plan a perfect romantic dinner, or planning an entire day. Instead, keep things short and simple. A short coffee date will quickly make it clear if your date is someone you would like to spend more time with. And when things go well, coffee can be turned into a lunch or dinner, adding spontaneous mixing.

3. Try to do things you have never done before- Another way to make the day memorable is to do or try something new? If you are going out with someone that you have probably had a decent amount of conversations over the phone, you can plan a happening and fun date with them (since you already know certain things about them). Instead of following the usual date system, try to make your day interesting. Choose an activity to do together that will make you two enjoy your day together and learn more about each other.

4. Up your listening game- We all love to talk about ourselves. But, making the conversations only about yourself sends the wrong signals. On the other hand, you can’t even just turn it off and leave all the talk on your date – that’ll be an acute failure. The idea is to listen carefully and respond appropriately. Try to know more about them and engage in conversations that are healthy and positive. Talking about your past dating experiences or relationships on a first date can be a potential turn-off for the other person.

5. Choose a perfect Location – The location you choose sets the tone for your entire day. Unless you already know what types of activities you two want to do together, it’s best to choose a neutral, calm place where you can focus on getting to know each other and find out how much you both can connect. An informal environment serves as an ideal place for building conversations, without the pressure of wearing fancy clothes or buying expensive food.

6. Express your real self – Showing a “better” version of you misleads your date and sets the wrong tone for future engagement. It will do no good but, instead, just cause discomfort and dissatisfaction of both the people. The purpose of dating is to find someone who is on the same page in life as you are to build a deep connection with them. That can only happen by starting with ‘the real you.’ A relationship based on a lie will never succeed. Before you go on that first date, remember that you are amazing in the way you are and you do not need to pretend or fake to be liked by the other person.

7. Don’t ignore your needs- It’s normal to want a perfect first date, but that doesn’t mean you have to forget your wishes and needs, too. Make sure you take note of whether your date impresses you or not. Ask yourself if this is the person with whom you can visualize spending your days (or life). When people go on a first date, they want to be liked and with that aim of making a good impression, they often forget to check if the other person fits in well in their life’s equation or not. Remember to put your needs first as no one else will do that for you.

8. Hold your phone- No matter how uncomfortable it may be to have an ice-breaking conversation on a first date, never use your phone to make peace. You have a real person in front of you. Build conversations by asking things like, “Did you enjoy your time so far?” or “How often do you spend time with someone?” in those awkward times. Whatever you do, keep your phones in your pockets.

9. Do not ignore red flags- One of the most common mistakes people make on a first date is to ignore the red flags that may indicate that the other person is not fit for you. If you ignore the red flags in advance, you save the time and effort on the wrong person when you can be one step closer to the right person.

10. Always end the day on a positive note- There are too many things that may go wrong or contradict your expectations. But that doesn’t mean you should abruptly end the day or leave someone quoting some foolish reasons. Remember, that date was as much a part of their life as it was for you. Even if you ever feel overwhelmed by the way things are going, you should never make someone else feel bad about it. Always end the day on a positive note even if you never want to have a second date with the same person. Do not make false promises such as ‘I will call you or  ‘I will see you soon” if you do not intend to do so.

Conclusively, you do not have to stress yourself to make the day “perfect”. Simply go with the flow and trust the process of life. A little goes a long way. Make genuine efforts and use these tips to make your first date memorable. You can also display your token of love through a romantic gesture by buying a gift, flowers or chocolates for the other person. This will help you break the ice and also gives a great first impression. 

Additionally, know that you do not have to do anything different to be likable when you go on a first date. Wear and act in a way that makes you feel confident and never change yourself for someone, no matter what they say they like. Set yourself as a priority and respect yourself enough. Put your efforts and time to build effective conversations and a genuine relationship with the other person. And if that does not happen for any reason, don’t be discouraged. It is important to remember that the first dates do not necessarily have to be a source of stress: even if it doesn’t turn into a second date, that’s completely fine! Whatever the case, there are plenty of fish in the oceans. Take your time, get to know people, and move on where you see yourself happier and better. Once you build that confidence to take dating face-to-face, you may meet some amazing people and maybe even a soulmate (if you believe in that kind of thing).