The birthday surprise nobody believes


My story is straight out of Bollywood and nobody believes it. I met my boyfriend on the train.

I was travelling with three friends and we were going home for Christmas. It was past midnight, I couldn’t get any sleep and I really needed a smoke. I went to the door hoping to get some air and found a group of men smoking. I jumped on the opportunity and asked the least intimidating one for a lighter. We spent the next couple of hours talking and then I gave the guy no more thought

That was till I was making the trip back after the holidays and met him again, on the train. This time we talked throughout the journey and exchanged numbers. After this journey we met again coincidentally in the city. Gradually we were talking on the phone. I wouldn’t say we fell in love or that we became good friends but we did talk on and off.

Before I knew it, it was holiday season again and I was home. It was my birthday and I was stuck indoors with nothing to do. Around five thirty in the evening, a flower delivery guy came home and gave me a bouquet of red roses with a birthday message from my best friend. I found it weird. My best friend wouldn’t send me a bouquet of flowers on my birthday. It’s not her style. And she had already wished me. I called her up and she said it was not her and that she loved me to bits but was not going to send me a stupid birthday bouquet with red roses. It took me a while but I figured it was my acquaintance from the train.

I don’t know how he got my address or found out my birthday but I guess it was from that moment that I started looking at him in a different light. He even put my friend’s name to evade suspicion from my overprotective parents which I found very sweet. After nearly 6 months of acquaintance and friendship, today he is my significant other. The boyfriend I met on a train, but a story nobody believes.