This guy’s adorable surprise for his girlfriend will make boyfriends across the world look bad.

We were in a long distance relationship since the time we completed our college studies. I had to shift out of Mumbai, as I had got a job in another city, and he was here in Mumbai itself. Through all the laughs and tears than the long distance put us through, I was finally happy when I got a transfer to Mumbai. After 3 years and 2 months of staying in two different cities and Skype calling every night, I was coming back to where he was.

As I walked out of the airport in Mumbai, I spotted him standing at the visitor’s bay holding my favorite bunch of white lilies. But before I could say something or even hug him tight (which I had been waiting for) he held my hand, blindfolded me and led me into the car. I knew he was going to surprise me but what was it, I kept guessing throughout our way. And through all my wild guesses, all he said was ‘Wait! Be patient’.

Our car halted, and he led me out of the car, holding my hand, and the next moment he asked me to take a big step ahead. I freaked out with this, because I sensed we were on a boat. By now I had almost lost my patience. In the next five minutes I sat quiet holding his hand in the ferry. And suddenly, the ferry stopped, and he removed the blindfold off my eyes. What I saw next made me cry. There was another boat opposite to where we sat, and there were 2 messengers holding a looong banner that said ‘Welcome Apoorva Pandey’. The same guy who hesitantly and shyly asked me out on Yahoo messenger while we were in the first semester of our college, had planned the most adorable surprise to welcome me to my city. I hugged him tight, with tears of joy falling. I thanked all my stars for having him in my life.

boat messenger

It was later that I realized that he had reserved a private yacht for this surprise. We sat in the yacht for the next few hours, holding hands, gazing at the beautiful sunset and having the most romantic conversation of our lifetime.

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