Thoughtful And Unique Wedding Gifts To Buy For Your Bestie

Gift shopping for your best friend’s wedding gifts is a gigantic task, to say the least. You are going to have to think of the happy couple and their choice. Also, you will have to incorporate your years-long friendship into it. That’s what we call daunting. This is when you are going to need this piece of advice from the gift experts from Oye Happy. Never buy anything too personal for a wedding gift. Save them for honeymoon gifts or bachelor/bachelorette party gifts. The reason is big fat Indian weddings and Indian families. Gift opening is always a family affair at weddings and you don’t want to embarrass the newly married couple in front of the family. They get enough embarrassment and teasing already to last them a lifetime.  Just keep in mind to make the gift thoughtful and comfortable for both you and them. Here are our choice of weddings gifts.

Picture frames

digital portrait

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Have a favorite picture of your bestie and her then-fiance you always wanted to frame? Turn it into an exceptionally beautiful work of art designed by an artist. The photo is converted into a digital portrait by a professional and framed using a wooden frame. All you have to do is share a picture with us and we’ll create the perfect gift.

memories in spotlight

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Take your friend on a trip down the memory lane by gifting them this unique frame that lights up with the flick of a button. The gift is complemented with 12 of your favorite pictures aesthetically clipped using wooden clips. The frame is fitted with a battery operated LED strip which lights up when she turns on the switch.

mosaic art

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Mosaic is the art of putting together tiny pieces and fragments to create a wholesome picture or a pattern. You can now use this delicate art form to create a beautiful surprise for your bestie. Using several memories shared by you in the form of pictures, we shall design that perfect portrait of your loved one or the both of you together.

frame the date

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Frame the date of their wedding and gift it to them. make this gift surprisingly special by designing the date using photographs. Along with the date, you can also add your wedding wish on the design.

Personalized picture mugs

clip a pic mug

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Get your friend a pair of mugs customised with the couple’s pictures. All you have to do is share 4 photographs, a one-liner message and we’ll create the most extraordinary coffee mug for your bestie.

Or these customised half heart mugs. 

Half heart mugs

Personalized cushion cover

Surprise her with a unique and touching gift. Customize a cushion with your friend’s and her hubby’s names and a date significant for both of them.

Decorated wedding wish

letter in a bottle

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There are a few occasions which demand more than a simple phone call or a casual greeting in person. And your bestie’s wedding is definitely one of them. Make those special with a custom message in a vintage looking bottle nestled in a handcrafted pinewood box. The message is printed on a vintage looking scroll. The content can be shared in the order form.

You can also consider a wish jar where you store wedding wishes from all of her family members and close friends. You can surprise the happy couple with this thoughtful gift on their wedding day. Your friend will greatly appreciate the thought it took to stage such a surprise that will give her countless memories of the special day.

We hope this list helps you pick the most suitable gift. For more such gift ideas visit