20 Ways To Say Sorry To Your Partner After A Big Fight

You fought about something with your partner. Maybe it was a three-hour screaming game or probably a heated 20-minute conversation. In any case, certain things were said when anger erupted. Once the argument is over, you wonder how many things you should not have and how to say sorry to your partner. Apologizing to your partner after a big fight can be stressful and awkward. However, being honest with your mistake and accepting it is the first step in seeking forgiveness from your partner. The good news is that the argument is over and there are many ways for apologizing after a heated argument with a loved one. The steps you take to reconnect after a major battle are important. If you feel truly sorry, just tell your partner you are sorry. Admitting relationship issues and apologizing to each other after a fight is important to put things together and make everything right again. You and your spouse need to understand the importance of apologies and forgiveness because if you do not, you will end up hurting each other more. This is where the struggle gets real because most of us do not know how to apologize, especially after a fight with our significant other. No matter how great communication you have as a couple, disagreements will arise. Apologizing is probably just a few words, but it is a lot more than that. Therefore, we bring you a list of 20 incredible ways and tips to make up with your partner if you hit a rock.

  1. Avoid excuses- However you choose to apologize, there are a few things you should never justify. Do not automatically try to justify your statements or actions. Pay attention to the word choice and make your apology heartfelt and not just apologize for the sake of it.
  1. Admit your mistake- Start by letting your partner know that you owe him an apology. That is important because it shows that you understand your obligation to him/her as a partner in the relationship. They deserve an apology, and it is your job to give it to him/her.
  1. Listen-  Although it may seem like a contradiction after a fight scene, listening can be a very helpful part of apologizing. Once you have made it clear that you are sorry, allow your loved one to speak and pay close attention to him/her.
  1. Don’t minimize someone else’s feelings-  Avoid saying things like “You are being overdramatic” or “you are overreacting”. Never try to belittle the other person’s negative feelings. Likewise, do not pretend that nothing happened. Acknowledge the feelings they express by responding lovingly to each emotion they express. Do not underestimate their emotions, ever!
  1. Write a letter of apology. A letter is a good way to convey an apology in a calm and respectful manner. Even if you decide to apologize in person, writing a letter before doing so can help you to organize your thoughts, express your feelings, and plan what you want to share with your loved one.
  1. Assure your partner that you understand- After hurting your person, you need to let him/her know that you understand how your actions affected him/her. If he/she is upset or angry, let him/her know that you know his/her feelings are perfectly reasonable for you. By doing so, you are giving the person an opportunity to express his/her feelings in a way that will help you two to develop a closer relationship with each other.
  1. Make your partner feel important- If you said something hurtful to your partner during the argument, he/she may feel that you are not putting their feelings or welfare first. Let your partner know that you still consider him/her to be an important part of your life and a single fight can not change everything you had with them.
  1. Hug it out Sometimes there is no other healing of a broken relationship than physical contact. A sweet hug or kiss can do wonders. Always ask first in this situation a and instead of leading the apology by this gesture, keeping it for the end of the apology. Hugging can solve all your problems. Just be empathetic, hug your partner, and stay close to them! This is one of the best pieces of advice we can give you.
  1. Give each other space.- It is not uncommon for an argument to escalate into a heated argument between you two. Always let your partner spend time away for a while. Let them calm down and relax. You need to do the same thing, as during the fight many emotions must have been playing in your heart too, and you need to first let go of those negative feelings as well.
  1. Get your partner a make-up gift- When making an apology, it is also the best way to gift something small, yet lovely to your partner. Makeup gifts do not have to be expensive or complicated. You may want to cook something special for your partner, or treat them for a day, get them a spa session, or do something else that you haven’t done together for too long.
  1. Do something to make them laugh-  Shared laughter is more powerful because of the hormones that release when we smile and laugh. When partners share laughter, it can reduce tension and tear down walls making it easier for couples to find their center after a fight.
  1. Food to the rescue- Food makes a lot of things better. So if you are fighting and need to make things better with your significant other, there is no better way than to make them a meal! Now you don’t have to be a great chef to be able to use this tip. All you have to do is Google the recipe you want to try, make sure you have its ingredients, and follow the instructions religiously. You can also make something very simple, like hot chocolate or two-minute mug brownies. All that matters is effort because, in addition to food, your partner will also appreciate the fact that you put in a lot of effort and energy to do something especially for him/her. Win-win!
  1. Compromise- Why do fights happen? Because there are some issues that you both can not agree on, right? So, the best way can be to alter your perspective and attitude towards certain things It is important that you adjust; otherwise, no relationship will ever succeed. You should bend your partner a little and you should be willing to compromise that much yourself. Think of it like a road trip where you both have to meet in the middle.
  1. Dance your differences away- Clear your drawing room space and play special songs that define your relationship or a song that you two dedicate to each other. Now dim the lights and forget everything else, and dance your heart and differences out.
  1. Start from the beginning- Plan a little surprise like a nice picnic at an important place associated with your relationship. Maybe a place where you both confessed your feelings for the first time or had your first kiss at.
  1. Press the play button- A great way to get together after a fight is to bond over a TV program or movie that you guys used to watch and spend time together watching. If your partner wishes to watch a different movie, you should agree this time (Don’t forget we are making up after the fight and not initiating another one).
  1. An effort with flowers- Collect lots of flowers from your garden and make your own bouquet, complete with beautiful bows and ribbons. You can also buy one for them in case you don’t have the flowers around, but trust us, efforts are way more attractive.
  1. Decide on a “stop” signal for both of you-When disagreements with your spouse reach a climax, it is especially important to end the fight using a signal that you both agree on. It could be a funny act or word, for example. It’s like sending a message to your partner that you are too close to exceeding your patience limit.
  1. Get an apology basket. Bring a creative twist to your apology with this basket by having a variety of sweet, edible, or fragrant items in it! Have the basket filled with all goodies, decorate it a bit, and paste a sticky note on it that says “Will you forgive me”. Make two checkboxes under the question with the Yes / No option and sign it with PS: I love you!
  1. Don’t let things pile up- If you have fought today, be sure to return to righteousness at the end of the day or by tomorrow. Don’t let the fight continue for days and then move on without clarifying it. The longer it lasts, the worse it gets and more resentment builds up. Once the fight is over, it’s important to get it out of your mind. Don’t make references to past arguments in the present because that would only mean that you hold grudges and that’s not very healthy in a relationship.

Arguments and fights can either weaken your relationship or strengthen it- the impact depends solely on how you behave afterward. The outcome of the dispute may be heated, but the fact that you have a fight does not mean that you should act recklessly or rudely with your partner afterward. In fact, if you take care of your way of communication with each other, you can use that opportunity to begin rebuilding your relationship. Improvement starts only after you accept the relationship issues, rather than bluntly ignoring or denying them. Trust us, it’s completely normal and healthy as long as there are no prolonged after-effects of it on the relationship. Agreeing on everything is impossible. The act of arguing shows that there is work to be done in a relationship and that both partners, in their own way, are trying to make something happen and are working for a bigger purpose. You can also get your significant other a sorry gift to cheer them up after a big fight. Check out https://www.oyehappy.com/ for some amazing gift ideas. 

Pro tip- During a disagreement or fight, always remember that it is not you versus me. It should be us versus the problem.