When I Woke Up My Fiance On His Birthday With A Symphony Orchestra

It was my fiance’s first birthday after our engagement last month. And most importantly the beginning of the many more birthdays that I was going to be a part of. I wanted him to remember this birthday for a lifetime and I didn’t want to leave any stone unturned to make it special.

He is a music enthusiast and loves to play the Mozart or Chopin every time we go on long drives. Having a very vague idea of making a musical surprise I approached Oye Happy. When I told them about his love for music, they suggested waking him up on the birthday with a professional string octet.

On his birthday morning, I called him on his phone and asked him to walk out of his balcony. As he walked out guessing the reason behind the strange wake up call, he saw musicians with violins, accordions and cellos assembled at his lawn. Immediately, to his surprise, the musicians started playing symphony for him. It was a group of 8 professional instrumentalists, all dressed uniformly in Black and White, playing wonderfully coordinated compositions.

DSC02001 (1)



My fiance stood there amazed with a pleasant expression that showed this was indeed the best way to be woken up on a birthday!

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