When Oye Happy Organised A Candlelight Dinner For Us In A Romantic Cabana

It was my fiance’s first birthday after our engagement and I had to make it special for him. Although it hasn’t been really long since we’ve known each other (yes, arranged marriages is still a thing in my family), we had built a strong bond in just a few weeks. And for this most special person’s birthday, a simple gift and a regular dinner date was just not enough!

He had already surprised me with a candlelight dinner before and I really wanted to surpass it. That’s when I contacted Oye Happy to, well, help me sweep him off his feet. They set up a beautiful Cabana at the middle of a private lawn in a 5-star hotel. There was a pathway decorated with beautifully lit candles that led to the Cabana in the garden. With radiant lights, a table just for the two of us, a private butler to serve us and the delicious 4 course meal just added more colors to this awesome day!

The look of surprise on his face and the way he got so adorably excited with everything will always be one of the most cherished experiences in my life.

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