Who Needs Chinese Takeout?

I have always surprised my darling teddy hubby dubby. When I asked my husband what was the most surprising one of all, he immediately reminded me of this.

This was in the initial years of our wedding where my husband had quite a hectic time with his work and used to come home late and dead tired. I too had just started working and we didn’t get to spend much time together. Going out for dinner or lunch on weekends wasn’t possible because he worked on weekends too. I had to do something special and instead of waiting for an occasion, I decided to create one. Since both of us love Chinese food, I decided to try making it for the first time. I wasn’t really a very good cook then but I still tried my hands with veg manchow soup with fried noodles, baby corn Manchurian, hakka noodles and broccoli & baby corn with hot garlic sauce. When he reached home, he saw the lavish dinner spread out on the table. I still can’t forget that big smile on his face when he had the first bite of the Manchurian and the first spoon of the soup. It was one of the most beautiful moments for both of us.


– Shilpa Krishna


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