A Whole Day Surprise

I remember it clearly like he surprised me yesterday. It was the most beautiful day I’ve ever spent in my entire life. It all started when our anniversary was just 2 weeks away and since it was our first anniversary we both were really confused and worried about what to gift or how to surprise each other (got to know later that he was worried and confused too). Also, the workload in office increased a lot too and since we both are working it was really hard to find time for each other, forget about thinking for gifts and surprises. But he did tell me to take a holiday for something important.

And finally our BIG day arrived. When I woke up in the morning, it must have been around 10 I guess and I couldn’t believe my eyes, I had to pinch myself to check if it’s real or I’m still dreaming. My whole room was decorated with balloons, a LOT of balloons with my pictures, our pictures, all the cutest memories we created were right there hanging by the balloons. It was the most romantic morning I woke up to.

Then I freshen up, made breakfast for us and as we sat down to eat I asked him about the important thing for which I took a holiday. He asked me to finish or breakfast so we can leave. I couldn’t hide my excitement and ate like SRK is waiting at my door and unless I eat he won’t meet me. So, as soon as we finished our breakfast and got ready it was past 12 pm. He closed my eyes and took me to the lawn, made me sit on the grass and when I opened my eyes I could see gifts, yes not a GIFT but so many GIFTS. We opened them all one by one.

While I was embarrassed that I could think of nothing for him, he called me out by 4 pm to surprise me with a big fat gift. I couldn’t really believe that it was all happening with me. I can’t express in words how good I felt in those moments when I opened that box and found out balloons flying off with a gift hamper inside.

And finally, when it was about dinner and I told him that I made a reservation at his Favourite hotel, he denied my choice and took me to some other place, we have never visited before. I just entered thinking it would be a normal place, a table and a card maybe. But it was a whole cabana with romantic aura all around to surprise me one more time.

All I could do was ask him if there are any more surprises left for today and all he said was, “The Whole Day Surprise package now comes to an end”.