Why quirky gifts are the best kind of gifts ever!

How you doin’, folks?  Waise, October is a very laid back month. Isn’t it?  With no hypertension inducing big fat Indian festival in sight and not even one wedding invitation for the whole stretch of October seems pretty lazy.  You can plan a whole bunch of night outs, romantic dates and of course slumber parties with your girl friends though. Fun planning is not my forte, to be honest. I do well with jokes that most people don’t get, I feel at home with sarcasm (the weird kind) and I pretty much nail quirking things up- people, situations, songs, gifts and the list goes on. And to my absolute delight quirky is a thing in the gifting world these days. Why you ask?

Imagine the everyday struggles you go through searching for the perfect gift for the special people in your life. Looking for a gift for your bestie? Yes, the one who is mad as the hatter and you never know what to get her for her birthdays. And you have a bunch of good reasons too, she never wears the jhumka you got her, turned that beautiful bowl into a stray kitty litter box and remember that time you got her a bunch of yellow roses? she tried plotting it in her garden! Bottom line, you never get her gifts right. Let me give you a tip, try quirky. Did you know you can actually get her a pet that requires no maintenance since she is a cat person but doesn’t have one (she is too afraid she would get lazy and not feed it, like till it gets serious constipation issues)? Here is a picture of the pet she would never have to feed, or bath or do anything at all.

pet rock

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I guarantee you sau taka that she will love it.

Now, let’s talk about your boyfriend or if you’ve gotten hitched, your husband. Men!! right? They will go ‘meh’ inside their heads (we know they do, despite their trying-hard-to-look-excited-face) everytime you buy him a romantic gift you think will bowl him over. They say women are complicated but in fact, it is the hardest to pick gifts for men. Raise your hand if you agree. How many times would you buy him watches, ties or perfumes? He can only wear one watch, one tie or one perfume at a time. Don’t you think it’s time we do a little bit of experiment? To try and search for the answer for what do men actually want. It won’t hurt to start with a pair of kinky handcuffs. would it?


You never know how their unpredictable minds work. A fun quirky gift might is generally able to appease the unpredictable too.

What about a pinch of humour, next? Fridge magnets are a thing now. And my! the creative things people come up with. For example, look at this one.


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They are darn cute and mind you, useful! Check these quirky magnets for yourself.

quirky magnets

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Or this very useful box of good intentions with eloquent explanations of their use. Your man will have a good laugh over these instead of trying to look excited (and failing).

box of good intentions

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Quirky works best in gifting because it has the scope to induce humour. These gifts are also witty, creative and specifically targeted for young people (that’s why they always have a reference or two to pop culture). And that’s why they are likeable among the young demographics. Statistically speaking, your partner will love it.

But aren’t we forgetting something? The muttonhead who had never stopped annoying you since you graced this planet called earth. Yes! I am talking about gifting your sibling. Especially the elder ones. From stealing their clothes to being called the adopted kid, you have had it all. But you have also had the headache of choosing a gift for them. And we understand the struggle. Your taste in music is entirely out of their playlists, your sartorial habits are a product of stealing their clothes. So obviously you think they have everything they need. The problem is how to buy a gift for someone who wants nothing? Well! you answered your own question.

jar of nothing

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Here’s a jar of nothing, to make them exasperated and laugh at the same time. I mean you don’t have to break the norm of exasperating them even while you are trying to play nice for once, by buying them a gift. Win-win, nai?

If you want to go all crazy and weird this time you go shopping for gifts, you can find many such quirky gifts for your friend, partner or sibling here.