You Are In Santa’s Naughty List. Brace Yourself For Your Christmas Gift!

Hello Peeps, Happy Santa’s List Day!!!!! Have you been nice all year or have you been naughty? Well! Santa knows. And we sure hope you end up on Santa’s nice list. Since this year’s Christmas Gift depends on which list you are on.

We interviewed Santa about his List. He says it is all in good authority. His elves have toiled for days to get the list ready on time! We can’t help but wonder what if you are in Santa’s naughty list? How do you think Santa decides gifts for those on his naughty list?

We tried coming up with our own gift list for you if you are on the naughty list.

Scroll down for your dose of laughter and some shudders!

You get a Harley Davidson bike you have been dreaming about but it makes fart noises instead of the cool ‘vroom vroom’ for two days if you break even one traffic rule!

It’s only fair. Isn’t it? We mean traffic rules are farting serious people!

A walk in wardrobe with all the latest trends in fashion but you look like Lord Voldemort in a sparkly dress if you forget to return the books you have borrowed from some unsuspecting book lover.

We say, apt! Only monsters borrow books and forget to return it. No matter what the monster is wearing the monster always looks like a monster.

Santa gifts you the sweetest smelling perfume (could even be a love potion) that turns into a fishy smell unpredictably in social situations if you lie to anyone. Even a tiny little lie.

Santa gives you the cosiest pair of socks but it leaves feet smelling like a dead animal for the next 2 days if you don’t wash it on time!

Lesson: Do stuff. On time.

A free Netflix account for the lifetime but you can access it only if you are not procrastinating the assignment due in the next three hours or the dirty dishes that need washing. Frustrating. Isn’t it?

We really do feel bad for this one! But you are on Santa’s naughty list. You do deserve a tiny bit of frustration.

The next one is an endless fountain of hot chocolate but turns into broccoli and karela smoothie if you haven’t eaten your meals on time. And haven’t included veggies in your meals.

Tempting but conditions applied.

The cutest puppy on earth but she barks all night if your room is messy for two days straight.

Well! This is what you get for not doing the good things all year round. And doing things like stealing clothes from your sibling’s cupboard. And the chocolates they saved from prying eyes. You prying eyes!

This is Santa’s way of making sure you be good the next year and get gifts which come without a but. Good luck next year, peeps!