‘Will pick you up at 11. Be ready’, he said & cut the call. What he did later gave me goosebumps.

It was my last birthday before marriage and I was pretty sure my fiance’ would plan something nice to surprise me, just like he’d always done throughout our dating years.

Wondering..Guessing..Anxiously waiting..It was 12 and my phone rang. I jumped up on my bed to answer his call. I was left disappointed and yet hopeful after he just wished me ‘Happy Birthday’ and cut the call.

The next morning his call woke me up. ‘Will pick you up at 11. Be ready’, he said and cut the call. Now, my excitement was live again. At 11, as promised he was waiting in the car outside my house. I ran out, sat in the car and asked him what’s the plan for the day. And he just smiled and said ‘Wait and watch’. Throughout our drive, I kept guessing what he was up to. After a lot of wild and wrong guesses, he stopped. As I stepped out I could see a runway and a mini aircraft parked further away. And that’s exactly when he finally revealed that he’d chartered a private aircraft to surprise me.  best birthday surprise for girlfriend

best birthday surprise for girlfriend

I was delighted as we got into the mini aircraft and it slowly took off the ground. Enjoying the view outside, I looked to thank him for literally taking me to cloud 9. And just as I thought it was over, he asked me to peek outside the window. What I saw next froze me for a second. ‘Yeh Zindagi Forever, Marry Me?’ read a huge banner held by a few people. I felt like the luckiest woman on earth to have got him for a lifetime.

best birthday surprise for girlfriend

best birthday surprise for girlfriend

Soon after we landed, I realised our own family and close friends were holding the banner. While I thanked all of them, he went down on his knees with a solitaire. I still have Goosebumps every time I think about that moment.

best birthday surprise for girlfriend

Our friends had gotten us a celebratory cake. And at the end we both released a white dove, hoping for a happy and peaceful journey of togetherness.

Like every girl, I had dreamt of my “Prince Charming’ going down on his knees to ask me out. But this proposal seemed like it was straight out of a movie.

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